October 28, 2013

High Point: Orange

A few of you thought that the blues were a little chilly, so we’ll warm it up with some oranges. This isn’t the garish 70’s orange that was the staple in every rec room, but it’s an accent, used to perk things up a bit. Maybe an arm chair, or some pillows… and even a sofa or two. Let’s look…
We can kick it off with a mid-century modern chandelier make with hand-formed Murano glass disks at 214 Modern Vintage, a pop-up shop by Lewis Trimble.
Persimmon book-cases from Century Furniture
Leather and velvet chair at Century Furniture
Wing chair at CR Laine.
Orange trellis armchair from Hooker Furniture
Velvet sofa at Lillian August
Button-tufted arm chair and matching visitor at Lillian August
Fabric and wallpaper at Thibaut
Armchair by Thayer Coggin
Orange and grey at Thayer Coggin
I got a great orange shopper tote from my friends at Bosom Buddy Bags, and I’ve become a huge fan of the colour. Amazingly, it goes with almost everything, and it acts like a neutral.bbb
What do you think about orange?


  1. I reckon half the charm of Hermes is that lovely cheerful positive shade of orange they use. It just is so uplifting.

  2. I am obsessed with that Thibaut fabric, the velvet on the Lillian A. sofa, and the Century Furniture display!

  3. Meg that Velvet sofa from Lillian August and the Boston Buddy Bag...fabulous!

    2013 The Arts by Karena

  4. O-R-I-O-L-E-S!
    Otherwise I am ambivalent about orange...but I love the flavor.

  5. I love orange--especially when its a coral with a hint of raspberry!!

  6. I don't really like orange furniture. Except that I have an orange chair (bought from Salvation Army and clearly last upholstered in the 70's) and I think I would miss the liveliness it adds if I had it redone in another color. So maybe I don't hate orange furniture?

    Though I definitely love that chandelier. I would very happily welcome that into my house!


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