October 27, 2013

High Point: The Blues

One of the trends I saw at High Point this Market was the predominance of the colour blue. I saw it in every shade, from the palest ice blues to the deepest navy.

Here are some of the blue pieces that caught my eye!

Chesterfield sofa at Wesley Hall

Many shades of blue at Hooker Furniture

Blue-stained table at Century Furniture

Denim blue at CR Laine, including my favourite Schumacher print on the pillows.

Small side-chair at Hooker Furniture

Bergere chair with tie-die at Hooker Furniture

Thibaut waves print wallpaper at Madcap Cottage

Blue sectional sofa at Lillian August

Blue velvet chair at Thayer-Coggin

Mid-Century Modern wing chair at Thayer-Coggin

Blue blazer dresser at Alexander Julian

Blue Fortuny pillow at B. Viz

Another colour trend tomorrow!


  1. If memory serves, manufacturers were pushing blue at last year's High Point. Why does it not seem like a comfortable color with which to decorate? Accent, yes, but not as a focal point. Or perhaps it's just me.

  2. adore the colors of the chairs in the second photo - i am thinking of those types of off blues in a room.

  3. How lucky for you to visit High Point. What excitement ! I am sure a return visit is anything but dull. With all the blues was there a blues band singing the blues? Ha. As I look around my house, I see a Floral blue garden seat with gold cloisonne accents. My teal accent pillows with a golden diagonal grid embellishment, my globes, and my blue and white pottery, the poster of that giant Japanese wave. My kitchen has many place settings with a blue transfer ware. Bed linens include the Williamsburg line, a blue bamboo diagonal grid . My blue (gads! another diagonal grid pattern ) wing back chairs will return to the living room, in honor of being on trend. Ha. Blue is perfect for winter as it reminds us of a clear blue sky during the leaden skies of winter. Is not orange another perfect color to pair with blue! I have developed a fancy for birds and have a few fake feathered friends perched about the house eying me Ha.

  4. Thanks for the blues, Meg! I adore the Thibaut wallpaper and the Fortuny pillow at B. Viz.

  5. love anything in blue + great photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. I agree that blue is a little cold, not that I'm a decorator! The blue Chesterfield... I would feel cold sitting on that sofa, unless it had warm white pillows and a throw.

  7. Blue is better than the numerous grays that have been forecast as "popular' colors.

  8. My favorite color is green, but I find blue is the easiest color to decorate with. So many permutations, and most seem to like it.


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