July 29, 2012

OKL Madness: Clamp Sculpture

Take 15 metal clamps, one piece of copper tubing and a block of wood. Total cost would be about $20. Paint wood block black. Arrange the clamps artistically in a spiral pattern on the copper pipe and stick it into the wood block. image

Total cost now? $185.


  1. You know, I don't get it. I would think that putting insanely overpriced junk on their site on a regular basis would hurt their sales overall, as customers would feel less confident that ANYTHING OKL was selling was priced fairly or reasonably. That's unfortunate, because sometimes they do have some interesting, unusual finds. Why would they want to jeopardize the value of their brand with nonsense like the garage sale racquets and the "clamp sculpture?" It's a pretty safe bet that those foolish enough to purchase this "final sale, non-returnable" junk will be unhappy with it when it arrives, and then there's one less customer willing to risk purchasing from OKL the next time around. Very confusing, from a business perspective.

    1. It's usually the Tastemaker Tag Sales that have the wacky pricing. Otherwise, I think their prices can be pretty competitive.

  2. I think they set their marketing plan on W.C. Fields theory that "there's a sucker born every minute" and it would appear it's working.


  3. Replies
    1. I should be showing off my collection of clamps. Some of them are pretty colours.

  4. Almost beats those rocks. I love how there is also a crossed out retail price, $395 this time!

  5. Tamra needs to google -- cardiff giant -- to learn the true story about a hoax and the notion and attribution of " a sucker born every minute" it was not W. C. Fields. or google the phrase itself.

  6. Thought it was PT Barnum who said that, first that is

  7. I was wrong there, interesting story behind the phrase

  8. Meg,

    You always make me smile when I read these OKL posts.

    Hope your dinner with Loi was wonderful, he seems to be a kind, interesting and well traveled and talented man...much like yourself. Hope it was filled with wonderful conversation and a great glass of wine.



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