July 23, 2012

Found It!

Thanks to my Sunday morning Farmers’ Market partner-in-crime, very dear friend and former blogger, Julie for figuring out where my adored is located.DSC_0420She sleuthed around and found that this is the current home of Pratt Street Brewing Company. It’s located a few blocks from Camden Yards. The building to the left of it is about 20 years old, and in the original images I had of the property, it was empty, perhaps preparing for the building of this structure. And in Julie’s sleuthing, she found that there was indeed a Hardware Fair located across the street from this building. The funny thing is, that around the period when the original image was taken, I was dating a guy who was a bartender at P.J. Crickets, which was the bar that would have been there at that time. And if I remember correctly, there was upstairs dining. But it’s really too much to ask my sieve-like memory to remember if the fabulous shades were hanging.


  1. It may not be that your memory is seive-like, you may have just been blinded by love at the time.

    Thanks for the followup!

  2. PJ Crickets - I remember going there -mid 80s, right?

  3. Your friend should share what method she employed to locate the address.

  4. Geeze - PJ Crickets! Now you're going back. I worked at Peter's Pub and remembered them opening and thinking; who is going to go all the way out there for a drink - there's nothing out there but the Holiday Inn and at the time nothing was out there. Unbelievable. Thanks for the memory ride.


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