January 26, 2011


Sometimes when we get a fast-moving snowstorm, like we did today, we also get thunder and lightening along with it. A huge flash of light and then some incredible thunder! Can I just tell you how much Connor hates thunder? 02-06-10 010Today’s snow is very wet and heavy snow and when I was walking Connor earlier this evening, I could hear the thud of big wet clumps of snow falling from the trees. 02-02-10 003This is the kind of snow that takes the power lines down.  But not here… not yet!


  1. We're really getting dumped on here in NYC this evening. Ellie was spayed yesterday - so no romping in the snow for her! Stay warm - hugs to you and Connor - WD

  2. We have had a few of these ice storms in Kansas City, not this year though fingers crossed!

    Art by Karena

  3. It's also the kind of snow that makes for very pretty pictures!

  4. My Lucy hated the thunder too last night but she's loving running around in the snow this morning.
    So glad I work out of a building in my back yard and only had to walk a few steps to get home...Did you see on the news that folks were stuck in traffic for over six hours last night due to the storm?

  5. The North East is getting hammered!
    Please stay safe and warm!!!

  6. Through some miracle, we still have power.

    It is quite beautiful.

    Poor Connor. Afraid of thunder? My Inga gets panicked about fireworks, so I understand how that goes.

  7. We had 8 inches here in North Alabama. I had never heard of thunder during snow before, but we had it. Exactly a year ago it was 70 degrees and our house was hit by a tornado! This weather stuff is crazy. Hope you don't lose power!

  8. Hi Meg, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your power stays on and that the snow melts super fast!!
    It is about 75* here in sunny So.Cal.....just thought that I would rub it in.

  9. Dear Margaret,
    Doesn't Thundersnow sound like the name of a Christian Rock group?

  10. Thunder up here in PA too. There's something called a "thundershirt" for dogs. I'd say it helps some. (The idea is that it is tight and "hugs" them.)

  11. My favorite thing about snow in the city is the way it the lights bounce off the snow. In the night time, it looks like a permanent state of day break. It's really beautiful how bright everything is. The warm yellow glow of the sodium lamps.


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