January 20, 2011

J. Peterman’s Back

But I am probably the last to know the news. J. Peterman expanded too quickly a few years ago, and then went into bankruptcy in the late days of the last century. peterman1Their wonderful catalogue is on-line again, with the funny, quirky stories about each of the items. One of the sections of their website is the One-of-a-Kind pieces, so naturally, that was where I went first.

If you know me, you know I love silverware of all types, so was fascinated to see that they had some interesting sets.   These fruit knives from France for about $300.Peterman2 Or this set of 91 pieces for just $4740!Peterman7 In addition to collecting silver, I also collect gloves… I love long gloves that don’t leave my wrists bare and I have gloves in a rainbow of colours, figuring that I will lose a few each winter. But I’d try hard not to lose one of this set.Peterman6 In the one-of-a-kind section, I found this great old cloche. I have a couple of these, which will be making an appearance on my Etsy site shortly.Peterman4 Love this set of French buckets. I’d plant them full of geraniums for the summertime!Peterman3 I am glad to see Peterman back. Take a look at their catalogue, here.


  1. Meg,

    I love J Peterman and have a yellow linen dress from eons ago!!
    This is a great comeback!

    Art by Karena

  2. I have been ordering from J Peterman for quite some time now. The quality is never compromised. Love too the catalogues with the stories.

  3. Thanks for letting us know!! I always wondered what happened to them.

  4. That seltzer dispenser would make an excellent lamp.

  5. Yes, I bought those gloves along with the amazing dress I wrote about yesterday. They're both gorgeous!

  6. Only catalogue that I would love to write for. Each description is a short story. They should win some sort of award.

    My mailman's bag gets better and better every year. And Mrs. E. still looks gorgeous in the glamour pants.

  7. Another treat on the site is "Peterman's Eye," one interesting news clipping per day, with various regular commenters. Link is at the bottom of the home page.

    I'm just about to pounce on the men's suede vest, for myself, want it sooo BAD.

  8. Oh I love that Company and wondered what had happened to it....I have two summer weddings this year!!!


  9. I loved JPeterman, and am happy to hear they are riding again. They had a wonderful outlet store up in Manchester VT that was like heaven on earth.

    That cloche looks like the beautiful antique one I had, that my husband thought would make a great mold for some hypertufa planters he decided to make one weekend. I'll send him to your easy shop, he still feels back about it, it was obviously a bad choice as the only was to get it unmolded was to break the cloche. Oh my heart.

  10. The gloves are very lovely! They look so yummy and thought of it as a chocolate at first sight. Oh my!

  11. I remember when I was young and first married...I would drool over the Peterman catalog, wishing that I could afford something in it...Later, I enjoyed giggling at Seinfeld's homage....thanks for the news ...k

  12. You may be interested to know that the original J. Peterman was a professional baseball player (briefly) for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    Of course, the J. Peterman name has been sold like so many others like Kate Spade.

    Thanks for letting us know about the return of the catalog.

  13. Happy to hear of this! I still have a long white velvet dress from Peterman; it will never go out of style. I really enjoy your blog--it's nice for a former Goucher girl to go back to Baltimore online!

  14. Thanks, Meg, for this tip.

    I was able to buy a handsome silk aviator's scarf at a great price.

    Everything about the order was pleasant, efficient, and expeditious.


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