January 4, 2011

Hermès Bag - DIY

A few years ago, I posted some instructions for making a teeny little Hermès Kelly bag. I found them on the Hermès website, but they’ve since disappeared.  Every few weeks or so, I get an e-mail asking for the instructions, and the pattern, so I thought I’d reprint it again. hermes1I printed the pattern on decorated paper to make this little bag. The coin in front is a dime, so you can see the scale of the bag.

The pictures are in .jpg format, so if you click on the pictures to open them, and then right click on them to save them, you can scale them to the paper size that you’re using. kelly_papier [1]

kelly_papier[2] All of the directions you need to create your own little bag are on the images!


  1. Hi Meg -- so this answers the question of "where did I ever find that link to the Hermes bag." I noticed that it did disappear, but every so often would be reposted at Hermes, with a different pattern/background for the bag, but there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to where the file was on their site. Thanks for reposting!

    Happy New Year to you :)

  2. thank you so much!!!

  3. I wish I was savy enough to make a bag instead I will admire from afar and dream of the day I hit lotto and can walk in and buy one or be listed :)

  4. What a treat! Thank you.

  5. This is lovely friend, congratulations for this nice post.

    Beautiful, I wish I could do that.



  6. Meg, I love paper and have been dying to try all week, but having a wee problem getting my PDFs both to the same size. Meanwhile, digging around Hermes lush site, under the "surprise" section, I find a NEW 'I want it; I'll have it' pattern.
    This one's for a dog-collar bracelet. I guess they rotate them. Unlike the Kelly bag, it doesn't look manageable, I'm afraid, but it's here -- for now -- if anyone wants to try it:

  7. That is so cool!!!
    Thanks for reposting this for your newer followers :)


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