January 1, 2011

Design Resolutions

The local paper asked some of my design/decorator friends to talk about their new year’s resolutions and I thought I’d share some with you.

"Take advantage of the incredible deals available out there in the antiques marketplace. In the past couple of years, antique furniture and collectables have gone down drastically in price, and now is the best time to acquire pieces with some age, patina and great craftsmanship (dovetailed drawers, no plywood or particle board!). I'm going to snap up as many great bargains in wonderful old, unique instant heirlooms as I can."
— David Wiesand, gentleman, furniture designer and craftsman, McLain Wiesand

01-27 008 If you know David, you know this is something he’s already doing. This amazing Victorian velvet sofa was snapped by one of the participants in the Spring Tour de Baltimore.

"Throw out all the New Age whoop-de-do — the green teak and the 'midcentury' leftovers, and go back to the basic rules of design — every room should have two things: a red anything and a bottle tucked away behind the curtains." 
                                                   — Deborah Gore Dean, president of
GoreDean.com and GoreDean Home

11-11 010Deb’s classic taste and extraordinary items are showcased in her new store in Baltimore. It shows everything off to perfection. One of my favourite things this Christmas season was a Frasier Fir candle from Thymes, that I picked up at Gore Dean. It smells like I’ve got a huge Christmas tree in the house!

"Try to teach clients who previously were a bit more trendy and spontaneous to design for the long term, even more so now because of the recession. Longevity in both quality and design will stand the test of time. I would rather my clients spend wisely on fewer quality items that they will carry with them from house to house than purchase a ton of stuff that will be dated in two to three years." 
                                                                               — Erin P. Pitts,
Erin Paige Pitts Interiors, Gibson Island


Fellow blogger Erin Paige Pitts couldn’t be more spot on in her way of thinking. The things that will stand the test of time are already classic. Style is long, trends are short.

What are your 2011 design resolutions?


  1. Whole-heartedly supporting this concept, as you know. I was inspired by Thomas Jayne's resolution on Elle Decor - trust your instincts. I've gotten into a horrible habit of second guessing. Blech.

  2. Meg...great post. I agree with all of them...also... BEST header! I'm looking forward to more of your posting genius this year. K

  3. I love the sofa from David Wiesand.

  4. my design resolution is to edit, edit, edit...we live in an 1800s hunting lodge that had no attic, no basement and 1.5 closets. I am a prop stylist with a LOT of stuff ...time to edit and only keep the things I really, truly adore. SO I can also keep the man I adore (my OCD husband who can't stand clutter) happy.


  5. One of my best ebay finds EVER... a 1941 Duncan Phyfe red velvet sofa, complete with metal-capped feet. Over six feet long.

    Cost of couch plus shipping? $750
    Insane enjoyment of same? Priceless.

  6. My decorating resolution for 2011 this moment is to finish all the unfinished projects before taking on any new ones. Good luck!

  7. Oh dear- nothing red in any room in my apartment! LOVE the new header!

  8. Hi Meg...one of my many resolutions is to not be in such a hurry to get everything done, all at once...slow down, enjoy the process..cause it always gets done in time..great post..maureen

  9. Completion. Completion. Completion. Although stashing bottles behind all of my curtains has a certain appeal.

  10. Oooo I'm so excited. I had never heard the red tip or glass...I guess the netflix envelope will have to do for now while I seek something classic. I 100% agree with everything. I try to explain that to friends who move into a house and feel the need to fill it. I said it's better to buy wisely and your trendy items should be your pillows or accessories. Just like clothes. Love your post.

  11. EDIT! Not everything has to be dear, and the most fabulous. But it all has to be good, the right thing for the right place.

  12. aww, seeing that sofa made me miss it a bit! I feel like the things I buy for the shop are friends, but I'm sure it is enjoying its new life somewhere. The comment about the only thing red being a netflix envelope was hysterical!!!


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