January 11, 2011

The Great Gatsby in 3D?

I read somewhere today that Baz Lurhmann’s planning to re-make The Great Gatsby… in 3D. Now, I understand making action movies or sci-fi movies in 3D, but The Great Gatsby? I’d think you’d want to concentrate on direction and set design, rather than 3D.the_great_gatsbyCarey Mulligan’s slotted to play Daisy, a mis-step in my mind. She’s too gamine for the role. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are also up for roles. The-Great-Gatsby What do you think of The Great Gatsby in 3D, and who do you think should play the lead roles?


  1. OOO! I have to think about that one...Hm. I'm going to sleep on that. I fell in love with Rosecliff where that movie was filmed when I first took at tour there many years ago. I love the entire history and story behind the house and years ago it was my dream to get married there and walk down that heart staircase or have an all white party like they did back then - the story was everyone had to dress in white, the host had white swans in the fountains and I can't remember if they actually got it but they wanted a white ship in the water. That house screams glamour to me and can't wait to see a remake just curious about the 3D part.

  2. I don't get the 3D for this movie. Odd choice. I have no opinion on who should take roles because I assume it will be someone with so-so talent but has the perfect looks. That is the bulk of what they have left in Hollywood. Sorry - my little soapbox that my Hollywood producer cousin gets to hear during the holidays.

  3. Meg,
    3D no I am just not imagining that on this classic!

    Art by Karena

  4. I hate 3D it's nauseating it always has been!! But I disagree about Carry Mulligan-she couldn't be more perfect for the roll of Daisy. So much has come to light lately on the real woman behind the character of Daisy this should be a very interesting film

  5. Hmmmm......3D huh? Doesn't sound appealing to me @ all..... though Leonardo DiCaprio does.....

  6. I recently had the opportunity to be shown Sony's 3D TV in their DC Government Affairs office.

    What was most striking is not so much things flying out at you from the screen, but the depth of the images looking into the screen and how crystal clear the picture looks almost as if you were watching the movie/tv show/sports event through a window.

    For a visually stunning movie like the ones by Lurhmann, this should be an ideal format to make you feel apart inside their lives.

  7. Carey Mulligan could be a great Daisy, though from looks alone I think she might be a better Jordan Baker. As long as Kirsten Dunst isn't Daisy -- that was one rumor I'd heard.

    I know I'm not alone in thinking that the previous film version, with Mia Farrow, was such a disaster that anything new would be an improvement. They should keep the same piano-playing houseguest; that would be adorable.

    Just imagine the eyeglasses sign in 3D. Actually, I don't like 3D either, as it makes me dizzy.

  8. I agree with Junebug, but hearing about Sony's new 3D gives me hope it won't be a total nightmare. I'm not convinced we have identified the right folks for the film...much like your post about the ludicrous trend in books (Buy them by the foot, or yard, in your colour scheme, or type of leather requested!!!)...all flash, no substance, and that's what so many of today's actors have. Not that the Robert Redford film was all that and a bag of chips, but if we could get something like The English Patient, I'd be okay. The Brideshead Revisited movie turned out to be passable, so I know it's just a matter of trying harder.

  9. I think we'll be hearing about more and more films being 3D, just like Technicolor and CinemaScope before. I don't know about the casting; I would prefer an unknown star over all the mentioned potentials, however. I just hope it is pretty!

  10. 3-D seems like the biggest boondoggle to come down the pike. Plus, people report it's giving them headaches. But I guess in a way it makes sense that Baz Luhrmann would be drawn to it, because he does love the grand gesture, the larger-than-life experience, the flash and dazzle.

    As for actors, I don't have a dream cast in mind. I can see LDC doing a great job with it, dunno about which women. Carey Mulligan is so talented, though, that I think she could carry it off. The gamine is but one of her many looks/manners. Now that I think of it, Brad Pitt would also make a good Gatsby -- though maybe it should be someone younger.

    Now I'm going to be pondering this all night . . . !

  11. Tobey Maquire would make an excellent Nick. DiCaprio did a fine job in "The Aviator." He's grown on me since.

    3D. I'm torn. It would be nice to float around in the scenes for awhile. At least those at the beginning of the summer.

  12. I love the idea of either Leo or Brad Pitt as Gatsby. I like Michelle Williams or Emma Stone as Daisy. Nick is harder--maybe Jim Sturgess. Nick is young and innocent IMO, T. McGuire is too old.
    I'm looking forward to the new version!


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