October 12, 2009

Little Augury’s Map of the Blogosphere

** For a download of the Turgot Plan de Paris, click on the Paris map in the right-hand column **

If you’re not reading Little Augury, you should be. She’s smart and funny, with a unique perspective on things.Dior & Turgot

Today, she talks about where maps have lead her. She found the Turgot Plan de Paris on my blog, but I found it on the Corinthian Column, who writes from Bangkok. He found the map at Conran in London and it’s a map of 18th century Paris. Everyone who has written about this amazing map has received dozens and dozens of comments from every corner of the world.

Little Augury says, and I totally concur, that you never know where a map will take you, both literally and figuratively.

** UPDATE** Here's another blogger who has put up the map... on a curved wall, no less!


  1. Hi Meg! I love this map too, and intrigued, I hopped over to Little Augury to see where the map had led her. I was so surprised to see that there was a copy of the map on a screen with a link to katiedid! So funny! Thanks for leading me to Little Augury.:)

  2. Just read her post on this and loved it - it was a great "tour" of the blogosphere!

  3. Oh, wow, this is the famous Christian Dior/Alberto Libri gown from 1951. It's magnificent. But then, so was everything Dior did in that blessed ten-year period until 1957! (Yes, the map is fab, too, but I'm still smitten by the dress.)

  4. and I have it in my medicine cabinet (door was put on after photo)
    I scanned it and faded it and toned it even more sepia.

  5. any more posts coming ?


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