October 30, 2009


I often say how lucky I am to have the family that I do, the experiences I have and the friends who surround me. One of those is a woman whom I am fortunate enough to call a friend. Her name is Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello.

She is charming, stunningly beautiful and extremely smart (Yale and JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health). In addition, she’s a great cook, having had one of her recipes mentioned by Mark Bittman in the New York Times.Roopa3Roopa is going to be one of the contestants on JEOPARDY! tonight and we wish her all the luck in the world!   



  1. Meg - This literally had me in tears. You are far too kind. I'm so glad to have met you in Baltimore - you are a wonderful woman yourself!

  2. How cool! I will be rooting for her. Did she know the background would be purple and that she would match so perfectly?

  3. No way! Congrats, Roopa! So exciting!

  4. So timely that I stumbled upon this and the show is on imminently here on the West Coast. I'll watch it and root for her -- what a beautiful, erudite and well-rounded person she sounds like... Gooooo Roopa! xx

  5. Roopa came in second, so good showing!

  6. Beautiful AND brilliant. Plus she makes amazing cupcakes!

  7. Wow! beautiful AND smart! congratulations Roopal and happy Halloween Meg.

  8. I saw that! How fortuitous that she is a friend of yours -- I was dying to know the recipe she gave to Mark Bittman. Silly Alec Trebek didn't ask for details.

  9. Mama... click on either Roopa's name or "food blog" and it will take you to her blog. I think that the recipe is in the sidebar. It's a vegetarian zucchini recipe, I think.

  10. Yea fellow Indians!

    Hope you had a great Halloween!


  11. I LOVE ROOPA! I've been watching Jeopardy since it began and I have never been so impressed, mesmerized, and yes, smitten by a contestant.

    This young woman is brilliant, beautiful, and has a lovely, positive demeanor unlike few people I have met. Unbelievable!

    Roopa, you are going places! You can do anything. President of the United States in 2024? CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Big-time movie actress or TV personality. You get the drift.

    I’m a retired business owner in Northern California and want to chat, text, and/or email you. No, I’m not a stalker and am harmless. BUT I AM A HUGE SUPPORTER, FAN, AND BELIEVER IN YOU.

    Dwell in possibility.

    Kind regards,
    Michael Alexander


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