October 18, 2009


Last week, I had an image of a ship that makes port in Baltimore once a week. 10-10 085 This afternoon, as I was leaving the “Wal*Mart-on-the-Water” (don’t hate me!), I saw the cruise ship leaving its dock on the way to another week long cruise.  Ship 001 It’s really hard to believe that it’s less than one mile as the crow flies into downtown Baltimore.Ship 003 When I first saw this ship, it was docked at the foot of my street. My first thought was where did that apartment house come from???Ship 005 Making the turn to head out to the Chesapeake Bay and out to the Atlantic Ocean and points south.Ship 010 They’ll be back in port next week.


  1. i wonder where it goes? i always think of cruises in hot weather to sunny places.

  2. Joni... I think it goes to the Bahamas. Some of the cruise lines have private islands down there. It's really only about two days down there via ship.

  3. Wal-Mart-on-the-water... That's hilarious Meg, I'll credit you when I use it from now on. There's an endless stream of them in and out of Tampa Bay and nothing really prepares you for just how big they are. When one pulls out of downtown Tampa, it looks like it's taking part of the skyline with it.

  4. 'Where did that apartment house come from?' That's a hoot!
    Big ships like this scare the you-know-what out of me and make my toes curl!! Must click off now!!;)

  5. that ship is crazy- so top heavy, you wonder how it stays afloat. i was a passenger on one of those monster ships for a week, and the first two days got lost several times (it probably didn't help that i had had a few cocktails).

    and meg, wal*mart, really? i've only been inside one twice since there are none in urban los angeles. first time was to just see what it was like (kinda icky) and second time was in the hopes of doing a funny post in response to a certain blogger calling me a 'wal*mart designer'. i wanted to see if i *could* be a 'wal*mart designer' if pressed, and discovered i cannot- everything in their housewares dept. was sad. not even funny-sad to make a blog post out of. just sad.

  6. M21... I know, it kills me to go to WallyWorld, but it's about a mile from the house whereas Target is about 5+ miles. I only got Iams dogfood for Connor, and tights for me! If I have the time, I go elsewhere.

    The stupidest thing is that the Wally World has a brilliant location right on a deepwater dockage. So that's why we call it Wal*Mart-on-the-Water.

  7. I love all of the comments - but when I saw the cruise ship there, I booked Christmas week for my family. I never thought I could drive one mile and get on a ship for points south. I'll probably never do it again - but our whole family is pretty excited!

  8. Meg,
    here comes the Kreative Blogger Award from me to you!
    Love all your interesting and engaging posts!



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