September 8, 2009

Ronnie Wood @ Liberty

WOW! Liberty is really trying to shake off their image of sweet little prints on tana lawn dresses! First they partnered with Hermès to update their line of scarves, and now they’ve partnered with Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood, who has used some of his original artwork on a line of clothing. Ronnie-Wood-009

Surprisingly, I actually like these more than the collaboration with Hermès. They’re bright and fun.  Ronnie-Wood--012 Apparently, the collaboration came about after a chance meeting between Wood and Liberty’s creative director, Tara Salman. Wood took up painting whilst in rehab several years ago.Ronnie-Wood-001 If you don’t like Ronnie’s goods, then check out the organic goods his (possibly soon-to-be ex)wife, Jo, is selling!Ronnie-Wood-004What do you think? 


  1. I think that's a very flattering photograph of Mr. Wood. I've seen some that have him looking like he's eighty...and she's too young for him. I like the Hermès scarf.

  2. That is the best picture of Ronnie Wood I've seen! His art is interesting and he is an excellent musician but I always think of the funny parodies of him from Saturday Night Live sketches.

    I like the shirt quite a bit!


  3. Haha! He almost looks healthy. I hear that he's left his wife for some 20-year old Russian girl.

  4. errrr....

    Well the scarf's nice enough. I'm not much of one for t-shirts.

  5. I'm always amazed at how easily a talented artist of one genre crosses over into another. His art looks fun and full of spirit. If Jerry Garcia could lend his talents to ties, of all things, can't Ron place his on t-shirts? Seems a more appropriate canvas.

  6. Cool and unique, Ronnie's photo is great! Most of the Stone's group HAVE looked like they are at death's door for years! Brilliant musicians that they are.


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