September 15, 2009

NYC Bound

A couple of friends and I are headed up to New York tomorrow. Once we get into the city, we’ll split up and head in two different directions, both literally and figuratively. Two will head to Soho and CB2, ABC Carpet & Home, ABC Home Muji, Pearl River Mart, Kate’s Paperie katespaperie and other long-time favourites.

Two will head to Queens and Little India,little india Butala Emporium and Patel Brothers, and then the Chinatown section of Flushing and Double Star Trading Companyflushing and lots of amazing Chinese restaurants (click here for a great interactive map via the New York Times).

Can you guess which group I’ll be in?


  1. Why split?????
    (I know, I know)
    I could not make up my mind...
    Love all your destinations and ABC is one of my favorites, I wrote a post about it back in June, have a look if you like!
    Hope you all have a blast!

  2. Sounds like fun! I would like to accompany group one! My favorite drinking glasses come from CB2.
    Bon journey Meg!

  3. Have a great trip Meg! Blog's finally back up.

  4. P--

    Can I come, too.
    Looks like enormous fun--and all affordable and bargain hunter's paradise.
    I was just at Muji in Paris and found charming scarves, a fantastic ultra'light and crunchy wood scarf, very versatile, and things for travel. Genius and the designs are more elegant now, less totally functional.
    Have a fabulous time.
    happy days,

  5. Let me guess; Group 1? While you are there you should check out the new Housing Works shop on Crosby, 2doors down from their book store. Also there is Calypso Home, Aero, and the super chic new entry to the SoHo shopping district, Flair. Its a bit more euro but they have some of the best visual displays around. Hope the weather cooperates. Enjoy!

  6. I absolutely LOVE NYC! Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic time - eat, browse, shop, people-watch - enjoy!!!

  7. Have a great time. Looks like you will be visiting some fun spots.

  8. SO enticing - please provide reviews of your favorite visits! Loving the paper dress and the Chinese food - UM!


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