September 22, 2009

B&O Hotel Monaco

I was reading the Guardian the other day and they were talking about a scheme called Open House London in which more than 700 private buildings are open to the public once a year. You know the kind of building… an old office building downtown with really interesting architecture, or a private house that you’ve long admired.

There’s a building like that in Baltimore. It was the headquarters of the old B&O Railroad, and it’s centrally located on a prime downtown corner. The outside has some interesting carvings surrounding a giant globe, and knowing the B&O, the inside was equally interesting. B&O 020 When my brother asked me for a fun hotel where he and my sister-in-law could stay this weekend, I suggested the newly-opened Hotel Monaco, part of the Kimpton Group of hotels. B&O 002 The building was opened in 1906, two years after a fire burned almost all of downtown Baltimore. Many of the original Tiffany stained glass windows and skylights remain today, B&O 015 as does the magnificent marble work. B&O 006There’s an incredible double staircase leading up to the second floor where the reception area is located. B&O 010It’s easier to see the detail in the ceilings from that level. The colours they’ve chosen are interesting, especially with the pale green acanthus leaf detail.B&O 016   Many of the original office building details remain, including the mail chute and the elevator dial.B&O 008 I will look forward to hearing from my brother about the rooms and their decor. I hear that you can get a goldfish to take to your room to keep you company… or for a midnight snack.


  1. What a gorgeous building. Glad to see it repurposed this way.

  2. The kimpton group is amazing -they're also dog friendly!!!
    Have you been to Poste here in DC? Another amazing hotel in the old post office building!

  3. Another Kimpton fan, here! I'm actually staying at the new Monaco starting tomorrow for a conference. I can't wait!

    I usually take pictures of them and post on my blog and Flickr because they do such a great job with their interiors. Have you seen the new Lorien Hotel & Spa in Old Town Alexandria? It's stunning.

    And all the peacock blue fans have to check out the Monaco in Alexandria...they've used it beautifully!

    Thanks for the sneak peek at my home for the next four days!

  4. Jeannine... I also posted about the restaurant on my food blog here. Just don't eat the desserts!

    Have fun in Baltimore!

  5. The details of this hotel are just amazing! (Surely that isn't true about the goldfish, though?)

    Thanks for the tip about the Open House in London.

  6. I'm trying to picture which building this is, and failing miserably. Looks like its at Charles Center on the map?

  7. Lovely. The windows are gorgeous.

  8. fun to hear from fellow commenter that the hotel is dog friendly - that will be good if miss is ends up going to jh -

  9. Another superb example of the fact that D.C. has NOTHING on Baltimore from a style-texture-architectural "bones" well as a score of other attributes.

    It was a coin toss between Baltimore and D.C. when I moved from New Jersey 20 years ago. Woulda Coulda Shoulda. Alas.

    Certainly a stellar example of one of the better Monacos. The one here in Old Town Alexandria has the tackiest exterior imaginable.




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