May 17, 2009

**UPDATE** Weekend Update III

Whew! The weekend's nearly over and I managed to accomplish a lot! I had a few major things on my list and got nearly everything accomplished and then some.

On Friday, I visited Halcyon House Antiques and spent a wonderful time wandering through the house and checking out their gorgeous wares.
I also stopped by to see college friends who own the Floral Studio a terrific flower shop and studio just outside of Baltimore. I couldn't take any pictures because they are moving to a new location in a sweet little stone cottage across from their current space.
As I drove back into the city, I caught up with Deborah Gore Dean, whose Gore Dean is a favourite place to shop for people in Washington, DC and Baltimore. She's such fun and we've made plans to spend a day together so I can show her some of my secret Baltimore haunts.
On Saturday, friends and I hosted a Preakness party for about a dozen people, complete with betting on the feature race. Each person picked a horse's name from a bowl and we all cheered on the winner!
On Sunday, we went to the Farmer's Market, which was rainy and dark, with few local foods on offer... it's still too early and we've had a long spring.
This afternoon, I went to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's Decorator Showhouse. I was more curious to see its location than to see the over-the-top rooms that the decorators had created.
I also found some time to design a new header for blogging friend, An Aesthete's Lament, but it's not exactly right, so another one is in the works.
UPDATE: This is the header that turned out exactly right. Perfect for the Aesthete and his diverse writings.
More details on Halcyon House, Gore Dean and Arden House this week!


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  2. The house doesn't look 'quite right' -like a developers version of a nicer house? Please tell me I'm wrong! Were the interiors too overdone? Is it worth coming up to Baltimore to see?

  3. Funnily enough, it's an old house - early 1930's. It looked to me like someone had sprayed a coating of new stucco over everything. It closed yesterday, but it wasn't worth the 40 mile drive.

  4. What a race, huh? Wow!

    My weekend was spent ignoring projects that should have been completed (painting again, the horror!) and dreading the email that never came telling me to rewrite a website.

    Yours sound delightful! And very well-deserved. Good luck with the header. I know you'll capture the unique voice that is Aesthete.

  5. What a fun weekend! I really like that interesting mirror in your third short - just lovely.

  6. * Sounds like you had a most delightful, and varied, weekend!!! Sounds like such fun!!!

    "AIN'T LIFE GRAND?!?!"~~~

    Linda in AZ *

  7. Your weekend sounds great. I like that blog header you are working on! Can't wait to see the final.

  8. The new blue/white china header, oh my gosh.

    Saw that idea at Chatsworth and other homes in Europe.

    You turned on the light bulb, for me, with it.

    Off with what I have on a table against a wall on my patio. On with the collection of blue/white china. TJMaxx of course.

    Thank you, thank you for the landscape design idea!!!!

    Will get pics for you.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  9. I wondered if you had gone to the race...


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