May 20, 2009

Gore Dean Revisited

I was so delighted when Gore Dean opened a store in Baltimore. It’s in an old mill building so it has high ceilings, lots of wood beams and lovely high windows. Stylistically, it’s the polar opposite of the space at Halcyon House, but each works equally well for the goods on offer.
As I arrived, Deborah was loading a huge chandelier into the back of a car. I came to find out that she designs some of the chandeliers hanging in the store, including a spectacular one with rock crystals and beautiful red crystals.
One of the things I like about Gore Dean is the wide variety of what she sells, both in items and styles. There are lots of beautiful china patterns, including some by Hermès; table linens, bedroom and bathroom accessories including the most plush towels, and even a carefully curated selection of books. It’s both a blessing and a curse that my house is only 11.5 feet wide! Let’s take a wander through the store:

The front of the store is a huge glass wall, backed by a stone passageway. The light in the store is always glorious.
A selection of Mrs. John L. Strong stationery (RIP).
One of the many stunning chandeliers hanging from the beamed ceiling at Gore Dean.
A group of shield-back, caned chairs, just waiting for the right setting.
Beautiful chair, stunning pillow.
An amazing porcelain stove that looks Swedish, but is probably Portugese.
Probably one of my favourite pieces in the shop… who wouldn’t love this book case?
I can just imagine curling up in this chair with a good book and Connor at my feet.
A selection of books, including Hunt Country Style, Regency Redux and Santa Barbara Living.
House… this one’s for you!
The great wall of china (haha!), including some beautiful Hermès patterns.
If you’re in north Baltimore any time, stop by and check out Gore Dean. It is well worth the trip. And be sure to check out Deborah’s Gore Dean blog, too!


  1. Lovely, wish I could be there. Is it not wonderful, that there are people out there who have the taste, means and circumstances to bring it all together in such beautiful setting? These are the (few) moments where I wish money was no object and I could browse and shop like an heiress....

  2. When we were in town we stopped by after shopping at Whole Foods. Were surprised to see Smith and Hawkins garden center missing, although we didn't go inside, Gore Dean looks like a possible apt replacement.

  3. I blame you for making me buy Hunt Country Style.

  4. Jamie... the S&H moved up the road a few blocks to a nursery. It works very well there.

    Toad... I fully accept the blame, but not the bill!

  5. Yum!

    What beautiful things! I love the rock crystal chandy, the bookcase!! and the porcelain stove (I've never seen one).

    I need to catch up: sounds like Mrs. JLS didn't survive the Depression. Surprise.

  6. This place is fabulous. And I love the photo of the chandelier and ceiling, they make a great juxtaposition. Be well!

  7. I'll take the butterflies under glass and the woven-seat dining chairs. Just pack them up, please.

  8. It is a really great store, was only there the once at the baltimore location but drop by the one here in Georgetown often.

  9. Saw the photos and I, too, realized that's got to be the old Smith Hawken space. Love that building -- worth a drive to Balto. to visit Gore-Dean, me thinks...

  10. Lucky you! Baltimore is full of treasures and inspired marketing.

  11. Those chandeliers. I don't think I can bring myself to find out the prices...gorgeous.

  12. Oh my, it's BEAUTIFUL! The Georgetown location is nice, but WOW! Perhaps it's just that you are a fantastic photographer...? : )

  13. So many beautiful things. Thanks for the photos.

  14. Gore Dean has fallen on hard times herself. Those great chandeliers came right out of her Georgetown house which is about to be auctioned off next week and just today she announced the store in Georgetown is closing. Look for the Baltimore store to be next. What a shame.

  15. Sorry to hear of the closing of a GoreDean location and auction. I can certainly relate. I meant to comment that - those shield back cane chairs are fabulous - but the previous comment startled me.

  16. GORE DEAN in DC is only closing for the summer while our new store is under construction. Shame on Anonymous for spreading lies. Also, my house is not up for auction. It is however for sale.

    I think that is how it works when you move from one city to the next. My Georgetown home had 15 foot ceilings and my Baltimore home does not. Since I saved the best chandeliers for my house- I think its great that they are now for sale.

    Not to worry, GORE DEAN will doubtless be around for many years despite the ill wishes of Anonymous gossips. I don't think anonymous info should ever make it on to a pretty site like this.

    Thanks for the nice comments from everyone else. - Deb

  17. Gore Dean is an institution in Georgetown and everyone is looking forward to the new store in Semptember. I think she was right to close the one on Ost, parking was horrible and bad location.

  18. Gore Dean is a wonderful and beautiful store. I've been in it several times and the owner could not be nicer. It's a shame that people like "anonymous" get so jealous from other's sucess.


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