May 14, 2009

Coming Attraction

I had another major grant due today, so thing have been quiet around here. But I thought I'd let you know some coming attractions:

  • Another gorgeous house from this neighbourhood.
  • A visit to catch up with Gore-Dean and it's charming owner, Deborah Gore Dean
  • A trip out to the beautiful Greenspring Valley, just north of Baltimore to see Halcyon House Antiques, whom I saw briefly at Ladew.
  • A small party for the Preakness on Saturday. We're all very excited about Rachel Alexandra taking on the boys!
  • A trip to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's Showhouse.
Talk tomorrow!


  1. can't wait = esp. for Gore Dean story!!!

  2. Can't wait. I just bought a gorgeous purple climbing clematis today for a wire tower!

  3. Looking forward to it, have a good weekend.

  4. The stories coming up sound great. Go Rachel!


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