November 1, 2008


I am sitting here waiting for British Air to deliver a missing piece of luggage. Overall, their service was excellent, but this was a mailing tube, filled with incredible papers from Paperchase. Some of the Borders stores have small Paperchase outlets in them, but the main store in London has incredible papers, the most expensive of which I purchased was £3!
I will be updating the posts of the last week with pictures as well as doing completely new posts, so be sure to go back and check the pictures and the posts, which I will probably elaborate.


  1. Horrors! I hope BA pulls through with your tube. How did like Terminal 5? Pretty swanky, huh?

  2. Got the tube from BA at about 11 last night. Loved T5. Very easy to deal with!

  3. Those papers are stunning indeed. Love, love, love the saffron colored one.

  4. Actually, it sounds very reasonable. Clearly I've spent too much on paper in the past. Lovely papers.


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