November 14, 2008

Fishs Eddy

It's a very damp day here in Pigtown, and when I finished walking Connor, I heated up a cup of spiced cider and drank it out of my favourite old mug. It's from Fishs Eddy, purchased on an annual girls Christmas trip to NYC. Have you ever heard of Fishs Eddy? It's such a fun place to find the most incredible array of dishware, flatware, serveware and more.
The owners started out by buying a barnful of old china and setting up shop in New York and then continued by buying stock from restaurants that were going out of business. One of their own iconic patterns is called 212 (the area code for NYC) and has the skyline of Manhattan outlined with highlights pointed out in writing. My mug's an old one because it still has the Twin Towers on it.
Fishs Eddy's patterns include Alice in Wonderland with the original John Tenniel illustrations, Heros of the Torah, Memo glasses, which look like old notebooks and the Brooklyn pattern, illustrated with the Brooklyn Bridge (what else!).
If you're in New York, try and stop in Fishs Eddy. I am sure you'll find something fun.


  1. loved this shop - it used to be in the west village near my apt

  2. Yikes! Another dangerous-looking shop :-)

  3. It's about 1 block from my best friend's apartment and I'm always going to fish's eddy for some fun - i've never actually bought anything there though!! They carry their items now also at Urban Outfitters and I beleive anthropology which has expanded to everywhere!

  4. I love Fish's Eddy! Such a fun and unique shop.

  5. Thanks for the reminder- I love the skyline inspired ones!



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