November 7, 2008

We have a winner!

I finally chased Connor down (his babysitter told me that he escaped three times!) and got him to log onto random number generator and pick a winner. He didn't want to get off my old Irish sweater, on which he likes to nap, but I made him do it.
Connor randomly generated Ms. Wis/Each Little World. Drop me a line via e-mail and give me your address and I will post the mug to you this week.

Thanks to everyone for playing and for all of your lovely birthday wishes.


  1. Connor looks exhausted by his efforts on the random number generator. Good job, Connor!

  2. Connor is adorable! Love your new banner and all the travel photos, Meg! Thanks for sharing and have a terrific weekend!

  3. Sweet Connor. The sweater is the perfect colour for him, of course he prefers it.

  4. Great new banner! Connor is so cute.

  5. i keep dropping by to see what conner has been up to and it's making gryffin and granger very jealous!

  6. I think I would rather have the astoundingly beautiful dog rather than the mug.......but anyway.
    Loved your pictures of England - and got a kick out of your John Waters one.
    We sometimes see him wandering about in Chelsea though I know he's a Baltimore boy at heart.....

  7. I have been perusing your trip pictures and it looks like you had a marvelous time! One which my oldest daughter, Hannah, is dreaming about as we speak. I had mentioned to her the school where you used to teach, and she has been urging me to contact you ever since. I wonder if you could email more info to me. She wants to go to school abroad in the worst way. I am going to look back through your posts, cuz I think you mentioned it somewhere once.

    Havea great Sunday!

  8. What fun!

    However, I am having trouble with your email so if you would email me I'll give you my mailing address.


  9. Poor Connor, are you sure he can part with that mug? It looks like he's waiting for a refill!

    Gorgeous photos from Remembrance day. I still have the poppy you gave me :-)


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