November 13, 2008

Baubles & Balls

Christmas is six weeks from today and even though I am not nearly ready to start getting ready for it, lots of others are. In the UK, every store I visited was either already decorated for Christmas or in the midst of decorating. I thought I'd share some of the images I took with you.

Faberge-style balls at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Mercury glass balls at Petersham Nurseries

Glass Ornaments at Petersham Nurseries

Looking down from the atrium at Peter Jones
Looking up at the atrium at Peter Jones
Tiny Father Christmas at General Trading Company
William Yeoward's Christmas Window
Christmas Hall at Liberty
Advent Calender in Slippers at Liberty

Feathered Squirrel at Liberty

Winter Wonderland Balls at Liberty

Are you starting to get ready for the Holidays?


  1. just saw a christmas wreath and lighted evergreen today in a local shopping district - seems too early - esp, since we have 2 weeks to thanksgiving - no thanksgiving in the uk so it mustn't feel as funny?

  2. And they don't do a big Halloween, either, because Guy Fawkes day is in early November.

  3. Everywhere is starting to look festive in London but I have promised myself no Christmas until December! xv

  4. Great festive pics. I still haven't gotten used to things being decorated for Christmas so early here--like late September!

    Marnie--Yes, it is weird to be an American in England. I keep seeing advertisements for "Order your turkey for Christmas" and I think "Hello? What about Thanksgiving?" Then I remember where we are.

    Thanksgiving is my husband's favourite holiday and we try to have a special meal. But no one gets the day off, so it is very strange indeed.

  5. Not's way too early! Thanks for the photographic tour.

  6. On November 1st I walked into my local Rite-Aid Drugstore and they were playing Christmas music which seemed completely jarring. Later that day I went to Pier One and they too were playing Christmas music. Again, completely jarring.

    I don't want to see Christmas decorations or hear Christmas music or begin shopping for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. However, the merchant world is on a different schedule.

  7. I so disagree- I love this time of year more than anything. People are just that little bit nicer to one another. Things seem full of hope and the thought of eating is no longer taboo- BRING IT ON.

  8. Six weeks?! I don't want to do any decorating til the weekend after Thanksgiving. But I have been perusing all my old magazines, books and notebooks — partly trying to decide how to be festive and somewhat restrained in these tough economic times. And I must say it seems more fun and lots less annoying to look at holiday images from elsewhere rather than running into them oneself. Went to buy candles for the Thanksgiving table yesterday and was assaulted by Christmas items everywhere.

  9. This was just bliss to see! Thanks!
    And, I'm up to my bangs in Christmas as we speak. Wise men, snow men and polar bears everywhere!

  10. Thanks for sharing Yeoward's window. The advent calendar is such fun too.

  11. Please stop showing William Yeoward. I am about to mail myself to him asap.

  12. I want that feathered squirrel!!! It's too cute :)


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