November 5, 2008

Portobello Road

I have always loved going to Portobello Road, as well as all of the other London street markets. There's always the excitement of finding a hidden treasure that no-one else knows about, although that's an infrequent happening these days. This trip to Portobello Road was made even better with the anticipation of meeting up with the House of Beauty and Culture.
We met up early on Saturday morning and then headed over to Tom's for breakfast. Tom is Tom Conran and runs a deli/gourmet food store/restaurant in Notting Hill on Westbourne Grove. This wasn't the only Conran resturant where I ate... I had lunch at Blue Bird later in the week. After breakfast, we strolled along Portobello Road for a bit and the House left me to go attend to business, and I continued on my own.
The earlier you get to PR, the less crowded it is, and by noon, the place was jam packed with tourists from all over the world, just trying to get a bargain. PR sells everything from food, including huge pans of paella, flowers and used clothes. After some searching, I finally found the silver spoons that match the silver I was given this summer and bought a dozen of them.
By the time I had thouroughly explored all the nooks of House's shop, eaten lunch with him and looked in every store, I finally decided to leave him to an afternoon of peace and headed off to my next meeting - dinner with the Man of Mode and his fiancee.


  1. No picture?????? of Walter I mean!!! I would love to see his face!


  2. Strange to see one's own things through another's perspective.

  3. I can never resist flowers. Even on holiday.
    I am so enjoying your tour! Keep the photos coming!

  4. You're not going to share the pictures of vases made from animal bladders?

  5. Those candlesticks are thoroughly bizarre.

  6. I'm thrilled you found the spoons. And thanks for this great little tour.

  7. Ah Portobello Rd. never disappoints!


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