March 31, 2016

#PigtownintheUK: A Brief Instagram Tour of My Trip

Hard to believe I am back in the States already. When I woke up this morning, after staying at eight different places over 14 days, I couldn’t figure out where I was. I took more than 700 pictures, and haven’t even started going through them, so I thought I’d give you my Instagram overview!

This was over a small door at a former school in Islington, London.image

I used to go over this bridge as I went to work on the train. Love it from below.image

There are more sheep than people in Wales. It was lambing season, too!image

I am going to do an entire post on this place, Portmeirion.image

As children, we always visited old churches. I especially love cloistered walks.image

You can see miles from this Cotswold hills overlook at Birdlip!image

The Rows in Chester. Four corners of these gorgeous buildings.image

Tewkesbury Abbey. Construction started in 1102. Stones came from Normandy. image

I posted this picture, then found a friend’s parents live around the corner!image

So lucky to stumble across this amazing place! More about it in a later post.image

We walked to the top of Primrose Hill to watch the sunset. You can see the buildings in the Docklands lit by the sun.image

The Gardens exhibit at the Royal Academy, with the Monet Waterlilies triptych.image

Me and my new at lhr

Expect more posts next week when I’ve had some time to a) catch up on my sleep and b) sort through my images!


  1. 1. Nice hat!
    2. I always thought I was born to live in Scotland. Now I see that Wales is coming up a close second.
    3. CLOISTERS!!!

  2. Meg--
    You have definitely posted some of my very favorite pictures that I saw on your Instagram account!!! They make me want to go back to England (as I always do) and see some more!!
    I have several of my family lines originating there, so want to visit those areas too!! Great post and interesting as you always are!!
    Kind Regards,

  3. Hi Meg, Welcome back home! I missed your posts but can't wait to see all the new material you have for us! Your new hat suits you perfectly. Cathy D.

  4. Meg from what I see so far, this trip was incredible! The art, the architecture, the sheep!!Excited to see more...

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