March 11, 2016

I’ll Take This: Federal Style House

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful houses in Baltimore. It’s a classic federal style townhouse, spread over three floors, and totaling more than 4,000 square feet. It’s so perfectly decorated that it is timeless.

Although the exterior’s not super fancy, this was the federal style that was so popular when this house was built in 1857. It is one of two identical houses built at the same time, as were other sets of houses along the same street.image

As you enter through the two sets of double doors, you see the graceful staircase ahead and an amazing double parlour to your left.imageimageimageThe dining room is painted with scenes from 19th century Baltimore including some well-known landmarks. It encircles the entire room. There are seven fireplaces in the house, most of them in working order.imageimage

The kitchen is fit for a gourmet chef and still has some of its original features, like the hearth.image

There are several sitting rooms on the second floor, image

including this one inspired by Baltimore-born Billy Baldwin.image

This small bedroom, also on the second floor, is a perfect place for a guest – nice and private!image

It has a sunporch right off of it that looks over the wonderful garden and two car garage.imageimage

The third floor is a huge master suite. The bedroom spans the entire width of the house. imageimage

Between the bed and bathroom is a huge walk-in closet/dressing room.image

The master bath, with its sunken tub and rain shower, is amazing.It even has heated towel-racks! Ahhhhh!image

The house also has its original privy! But it’s used for storage nowadays!image

To learn more about this house, please click here. Tell my friend Jake that I sent you!


  1. Lovely! Always enjoy a peek into these beautiful homes.

  2. It's a pity they didn't use the hearth - as a hearth! Lots of people have fireplaces in their kitchens. Love the idea. Glad they decorated the public rooms in a style that is true to the house. Traditional decor is coming back, I am pleased to say.

  3. wow - sadly thats the price of a 2 bedroom condo here in DC. this place is stunning!

  4. a double wow + agree with architectdesign.

  5. Gasp I can't believe it's listed for under $800k! I expected high $2-3M! Thanks for sharing

  6. I have outside/inside issues with houses. Often, the houses that I love on the outside don't have the kind of rooms you can play with inside. I find the outside of this building repulsive - the only plus is that you're guaranteed huge square rooms inside to decorate! As for the decorations chosen here, all I can say is "not my taste" - and what's with the lack of window treatments in the master bedroom? Ugh. Looks like something out of "House of Cards". It always baffles me when people with more money than God's butler don't use it to make truly beautiful living spaces. The only room that truly looks cozy is the dressing room/closet. A human has been there, and it feels lived in. I can't get over the sadness of that bargain basement kitchen island, either. Some likes: the green walls in the entry hallway, the fireplaces, and the gardens.

  7. That's an amazing house. I have to say, I'd not have done the kitchen in that style...


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