March 7, 2016

#ThisIsBaltimore: Is it Spring Yet?

The answer to the question is a resounding NO, although it’s supposed to get warmer this week. Last week saw one of those stunningly beautiful snows, with it laying on every branch and starkly contrasting the light and dark. The best thing was that the snow didn’t cover the streets of sidewalks, thanks to a few sunny days before it.image

As you may have gathered, Baltimore is home to many unusual buildings, including this old brewery, now repurposed as Humanim Health.image

And this church that was funded through the sale of pierogis. image

I spotted this fellow as friends and I were sitting on their front steps. He’s next-door!image

I love keeping my eye out for great textures.image

From a night at the museum… for a party!image

Really, the most spectacular cookies. Made by 11 year old friend. He takes orders!image

The most spectacular kitchen. I wrote about the house a few years ago, here.image

A thrift shop find. It’s about 12.5 inches wide!image

All for now! Thanks for reading!


  1. What a wonderful blog! It is a true pleasure to sit and read when I have my morning coffee. As an antiquarian book collector I was thrilled to read about the "Book Thing" and made plans to visit. I was quite saddened to read of the fire. Do you know if or when they are going to reopen? I also collect antique Sterling silver. Was the piece you found sterling or plate? Who made it? It certainly is lovely. Here is my email Jane Keller

  2. I am ready for spring! And it feels like it today. Are you in the UK? Hope you are having a blast. xoxo

  3. Gotta love that satyr's head doubling as a bracket for the second story bay window facing West Mt Vernon Place. Agora was incredibly smart snapping that place up, it's really like no other (former) house in Baltimore. Makes sense that Theodore Marburg renovated it in that style, considering he was US ambassador to Belgium and it wouldn't look out of place in turn-of-the-century Brussels.

  4. Great photos. Good eye.


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