March 22, 2016

Some Images from the UK

The trip thus far has been great! Good weather with mostly cloudy days but no rain...yet! I spent the first few days at a great Airbnb property. It was an old studio with two rooms in Islington on a great square.

After london, I headed to Wales to spend time with friends and visit some favourite places.

I decided to splash out and stay in an elegant hotel, but it was five hours away from Cardriff through two mountain ranges. Butit was totally worth the effort! It is called Portmeirion Village, an Italian village on the Welsh coast.

This is the house where I am staying. My room is the three lower windows and I have a view over the village and the sea.

Here are some other images of the village.

This is where I had dinner this evening!

Lest you think it is all the lush life, I have been reduced to drinking gin in a can!

Off now on a road trip, hunting for antiques!


  1. I hope you weren't at "prisoner" at Portmeirion!

  2. Worth every penny! We live but once - enjoy it to the fullest. Only the English would think of putting gin and tonic in a can. Love it.

  3. You travel in such consistent style. The sign of a real design eye.

  4. Awesome, awesome places (love the Harry Potter train trestle!!) and gin & tonic in a can? I'm constantly baffled at how they can have that over there, and yet NOT have half 'n half. I just received an email from a friend of mine in the UK asking what it was, as I had mentioned it to him. I googled it, and sure enough - no half 'n half in the UK! Bizarre, no?

  5. The beauty is astonishing and Portmeirion Village, a dream!So glad you are enjoying the trip!
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend Meg!

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