April 23, 2015

My Friend’s Castle

When I lived in Wales, I worked in a 12th century castle. image

But one of the friends with whom I worked, actually had a family castle, which I was reminded of the other day, when someone on the Facebook group, Country Houses of the UK and Ireland posted some images of it. image

Fonmon Castle is not a huge castle, but it’s a castle, none-the-less! It’s been in Pen’s family for about 600 years and her brother lives there now. She lives on the property’s Home Farm in a fabulous house with stables. Like many other families with homes like Fonmon, they’re now renting it out as a corporate retreat or a wedding venue. I remember going to a garden show there, which was pretty amazing. Click here for a little video tour.image

Most unfortunately, all of my pictures of Fonmon were lost when my computer was stolen, but there are some good ones that I’ve found!imageimage

Here’s the detail of the ceiling which you can see in the images above. image

This is the old kitchen, with racks of ancient pewter plates and mugs. It’s used for informal dinners. image

What could be better than blue and white china and old books?image

I remember being amazed by this rich colour on the walls. Shame about the weird door on the landing though!image

And how about this kitchen?imageimage

I am so lucky that I had the chance to visit this charming castle and get to know the family who owns it. That’s what I miss about living in the UK.


  1. Love a castle but they are like yachts no? great to visit and enjoy but not so much to own and maintain! I really must visit Wales and do a proper trip as I just know I am missing out on a huge part of British culture and it's not too far! Did you see that show country house rescue? You would love it!!

  2. So beautiful. The drawing room took my breath away, just gorgeous.

  3. that kitchen! + what is the door on the landing? xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. That door on the landing is a servant door I'm sure. Similar one at Mt Clare! It probably leads to a back stair to the "working" end of the house.

  5. Totally a castle! An actual castle!

  6. The color of the walls in the 5th photo down is one of my all-time favorite colors ever.


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