January 22, 2015

Wellcome Images

When I was in London last year, I frequently went by the Wellcome Collection’s building on Euston Road, and saw this massive sign hanging in front of their building advertising a year-long exhibition.image

The Wellcome Trust, the London-based global charitable organization which owns the Wellcome Collection, has just made more than 100,000 images from their collections available on-line in high resolution. imageWellcome Images is a medical picture library and the world's leading source of images on medicine and its history.Most of the images have been licensed under the Creative Commons act and are free to download and use.image

The images range from manuscripts, paintings and etchings, to early photography and advertisements, the oldest being a 2000 year old Egyptian prescription on papyrus! imageBecause the funds from the Wellcome Trust came from the pharmaceutical industry, their collection has a high concentration of medical images. image

Each image has full reference information included.image

It’s just fun to wander through the collection and see what’s available for your amusement! Click here to look! You’re welcome.


  1. Wow. Thank you! This is exactly what I like about your blog. You take me places I might not otherwise find.

  2. 100,000 images---that is huge!! Life in all its amazing splendor. Thanks Mary

  3. Meg this collection and release to the world is phenomenal! Thank you so much for sharing!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. It's a fascinating museum, with exhibitions on a wide range of medical topics. The Wellcome Trust is also one of the world's largest charities devoted to medical research. The original funding came from the founder of what is now GlaxoSmithkline.


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