December 9, 2014

Best Shot!

I took more than 800 pictures while I was in the UK, and, in a complete departure from days past, I only used my iPhone 5 to take them. While I took a digital camera along with me, I found that I never wanted or needed to use it. When I use my phone’s camera, I use the HDR setting. If you don’t know what that is, basically read this post I did about it. The setting I use saves both the original and HDR image, so I can pick and choose which is better, as the differences can be over-dramatic.
IMG_6434Original IMG_6435HDR Image

I went through my images and picked out the ones which I thought were the best. I hope you enjoy them!

St. Pancras Station, which has just been renovated.IMG_6352

Courtyard at Magdalen College in Oxford.IMG_6504

Oriel College at Oxford.IMG_6437

The canal boat that was home for five days.IMG_6604

Looking the other way from the boat.IMG_6600

Early morning drive-by of the London Eye.IMG_6689

Hay Castle, Hay-on-Wye, WalesIMG_6780

Andy walking by the shorelineIMG_6859

Barry Island, WalesIMG_6851

Castel Coch, late afternoon, racing to make it before sundown.IMG_6900

My guysIMG_6922x

Still can’t quite figure out why I didn’t buy this wallpaper.IMG_6929

St. Paul’s Cathedral. IMG_6948

Don’t see many of these call boxes anymore.IMG_6955

My favourite breakfast and my new hat.IMG_6959

Bonanza of knives!IMG_7006

The model-maker and his model at the V&A.IMG_7087

At Pentreath & Hall for their Christmas Evening. Finally got to meet Ben and Bridie!IMG_7207

No idea what this means, but it made me laugh!IMG_7250

Heading homeIMG_7277

If you can stand a little more, I put together a little video of my trip.

Thanks for coming along on my travels with me!


  1. Your trip was a roaring success it seems. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself and thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with your loyal readers.

  2. My iPhone has taken over a little Leica I have but the only complaint is on grey days. It can't cut thru the full glare and I take my charger with me if I need to use my phone as well. But great pics Meg!

    1. Do you have any of those stick chargers? I carry one with me when I know I am going to be taking lots of pictures. And I agree about the grey days. I had a hard time in Oxford because the sky was so so glarey.

  3. Always delightful to "travel" with you! Beautiful pictures. Welcome home!

  4. Loved every minute of your trip - thanks as always for letting us tag along with you!

  5. speaking for myself + loved you video+ great photos.

  6. Thank you for the video. It is a welcome break. I didn't recognize the music though. What is it?

    1. The music is "Distant Green Valley" from YoYo Ma's Silk Road Project. I love it and the title seemed appropriate for Wales.

  7. Yeah Apple. I find my iphone6 takes great photos. And I always have it�� just wish I had a longer lens. Loved the video.

    1. I hear that the camera on the i6 is great. Will have to wait a bit to upgrade!

  8. Love your blog, its just so different from most blogs. It seems you do most things with a friendly, relaxed, positive attitude - this comes across. Very inspiring. The photos and videos are lovely - thanks!


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