November 4, 2014

#ThisIsBaltimore: October Edition

I sat down with the coordinator for the lecture series I was asked take part in, and we decided that I would also do a small walking tour. While it won’t necessarily feature the same buildings as the lecture does, it will also be about buildings and have the theme of “Look Up”. That was always one of my father’s admonitions: Look up! The buildings stay the same at street level, but when you look up, you see the real deal.

This was one of my favourite images taken in October. A rainy afternoon and an abandoned umbrella.image

Baltimore’s Charles Village neighbourhood is filled with these Painted Ladies.image

Fountain in Mt. Vernon at nightimage

And during the day.image

The scaffolding is almost completely removed from the Washington Monument.image

Under Armour has painted several tanks with local sports heroes. This is Cal Ripken, Jr. You can read an interview with founder, Kevin Plank, here. We share a similar philosophy.image

The Halloween window at McLain Wiesand Custom Furniture.image

Baltimore’s iconic rowhouses in a vibrant fall sunset. image

In my eternal quest to learn new things, I am going to try and develop an app for the walking tour I am leading. I hope to call it “Look Up Baltimore”. Wish me luck!


  1. I would go on that tour! I envy how proud you are of your city bc quite frankly I am not loyal to any town...

  2. Meg I WILL get to Baltimore one of these days!!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. would love that tour + one of these days + how good you are!

  4. My maternal great aunt Zee lived in a row house for a long time mid-century and I visited her a couple of times there. Her hubs Ellis was an exec at Kirk and I have a few examples of their Repoussé work. Don't know what neighborhood they lived in, but you've inspired me to find out.



    1. If he worked at Kirk, which may have been combined with Stieff Silver by then, there's a good chance they lived in a neighbourhood called Hampden, which is where the factory is.

  5. Not Mayo's wife?!?!

    1. It is Mayo's wife. She isn't someone of whom I am terribly fond, and this just made it much worse. It's very sad for her children and the boy involved.

    2. Slight correction...ex wife. They have been separated for a few years and I believe the divorce was finalized a few months ago.

      But what a shock reverberating through the north Baltimore community!

    3. Some places she's listed as estranged, some separated and some divorced. I think I saw the divorce was finalized in late September. Regardless, it's horrible.


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