November 21, 2014

Pink Flamingos

Or Female Trouble, or Hairspray! That might give you an idea of the lecture I attended on Thursday night.IMG_5936

If you want to see John speak, he’s heading off on a 17 city tour next week for his annual Christmas show! In Baltimore you can find tickets at Sound Stage, here.IMG_5929 He is a great raconteur and weaves funny stories in and out of his lectures. His newest book, Carsick, tells about his adventures hitch-hiking across the USA last summer. IMG_5930

I was lucky enough have my picture taken with him and it will be framed and put in a place of pride!IMG_5933

Although I see John around town all of the time, it was a lot of fun to spend an evening listening to him reminisce!


  1. Oh he is such a fabulous character, I would love to meet him, he'd definitely be on on my fantasy dinner party list.

  2. He is coming to Hudson and it is already sold out.

  3. I am looking forward to reading John Waters' new book. I am a big fan of his other books, and of course his movies.

  4. Meg what an excellent event and I can only imagine the fascinating stories in his new book!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. gonna get his new book + good for you + great photo.

  6. Love this! And , of course, love him.

    xo J


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