November 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bunny!

One of my favourite people, Bunny Williams, had a big birthday recently! She is one of the most influential designers around and has such a keen eye and great sense of style. I thought I’d share some of her rooms that I love the best. Enjoy!

Classical rustic pool house in Connecticutimage

Retreat in Delawareimage

Bunny’s pantry with her collections of chinaimage

Home in Richmond, Virginiaimage

I learned at an early age that a house is for enjoying life and sharing it with others. One must be careful with good things, but they should never be banished to a closet. It’s the chip or crack that proves something was used and loved.
Bunny Williams

Virginia Bedroomimage

House in the Dominican Republicimage

The “Affair with a House” house in Connecticutimage

Minimalist rooms can be so beautiful, but I can’t live in one; I love objects too much.
Bunny Williams

Bathroom in Richmond, Virginiaimage

Sky blue room. image

I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet Bunny on numerous occasions and admire her tremendously, not only for her design work, but her work with shelter animals.

All of my very best wishes for a Happy Birthday, Bunny!


  1. The thing I love most about "An Affair with a House" just might be all the beautiful dogs enjoying their special spots in the house. Bunnys collection for Ballard is also quite nice!

  2. I adore Bunny Williams! This is a lovely post in tribute to Bunny. I agree with her attitude about using things we have and also about living in a minimalist home. Thanks for this thoughtful post.
    Happy Birthday, Bunny!

  3. One thing bout Bunny's designs (and advice) is there is always somthing that I as a typical middle class gal with limited design funds can relate to and incorporate into my own home. Solid design principles shared and explained well can do that! Bunny seems like someone it would be fun to have luch with. Have a good day. Linda

    1. That is one of her hallmarks. Her books are textbooks on good design.

  4. Bunny is such a talented woman and a great friend to many. Generous and caring, sharing her home with many. Rooms so luxe yet comfortable! Happy Birthday (Belated) to Bunny!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Lovely shots.... Bunny is one of my favorites. Happy Birthday.

  6. love her also + wonderful photos + happy birthday bunny.

  7. I've always like Bunny Williams. I have poured over her books countless times, even with a magnifying glass! I remember when she did the blue room (bottom photo) people seemed divided, some loved it and some did not - I thought it was stunning and its still a favorite of mine. She does these elegant spaces but she is not afraid to accessorize, to mix it up, even add a touch of whimsy - and her rooms look so inviting and comfortable.


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