November 6, 2014

China, My China

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I’ve been seeing the most gorgeous images of beautiful place-settings of china everywhere. Even though I am not going to be in the States to celebrate Thanksgiving, I will be having dinner with some friends in London who just returned from living in Brooklyn for two years!

I’ve been looking at some of the beautiful table settings on Pinterest, and keep finding the most creative images, so I thought I’d share some of them with you. Click the image for the link back to the Pinterest page.


Inspirational Holiday Table Setting & Centerpiece Ideas | Fab You Bliss

Unique Fall Decor & Accessories

40 Awesome Fall Pumpkin Centerpieces: 40 Fall Pumpkin Centerpieces With black wooden dining table chair stool and golden pumpkin table decor – Momtoob

from beneath my the color of this hutch..may paint mine

Thanksgiving or Christmas Table - So Chic !pine cones, feathers, magnolia leaves, A Very Southern Display

Excellent idea for Fall Wedding! Sophisticated and Elegant!

Which image is your favourite? What traditions does your family have? It’s not a holiday dinner in my family until something catches on fire.


  1. It is always so much fun to set a beautiful table at this time of year. I always incorporate as many natural elements as I can gather for our Thanksgiving table and autumn is ripe with choices. This year, we are expecting a group of friends at our home and I'm very much looking forward to it. As a Brit I've wholeheartedly adopted this wonderful American tradition of giving thanks and it may be my favorite of all the holidays.

  2. Beautiful, I like the first one best of all, I tend to do the same thing every year but feel like branching out this Christmas.

  3. These are gorgeous photos and I'd be thrilled to sit at any of these lovely tables. Since I have no family I host my annual "Widows & Orphans" Thanksgiving Bloody Mary open house from 11-3 then head out to a Chinese place for dinner with friends in the evening.

  4. Wonderful inspiration collection! I like the natural colors used. Linda

  5. I never really get into gimmicky Thanksgiving tables but these are all pretty nice. We'll be out of the country too (Paris) and friends will even be there separately but we're not celebrating. I mean - when in Rome, right?

  6. Lovely tablescapes. I remember the year John and I spent in London for Thanksgiving on his 50th and it was an amazing getaway!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Oh Meg! I really chuckled at the "until something catches on fire!"

    Our nephews were full on hellions when they were little. Your comment brought back some fun memories. I clearly recall a cloth napkin igniting in a restaurant....the stuff that went on at home! Now they're grown up. An orthodontist, a mechanical engineer, an unemployed lawyer, an OB/Gyn (that's just one side).Dinners are a tad on the boring side. Life was certainly more exciting when they were little. I'm looking forward to the next generation of mayhem.

    I really like the tablescape with the pears. I'm not doing Thanksgiving this year but I think it will work for Christmas!

  8. meg, love the last one + leaf painted gold with name on it + will have to copy that one.

  9. So beautiful, I love all of the subtle colors.

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  11. I will share these lovely images with the gals down at the homeless shelter. Perhaps the men folk could free up their time from panhandling and scope out some leaves to bring back at night that we could use to gold leaf. The community garden donations of pumpkins that we have used previously as a soup course could be spared as a centerpiece. The feathers from the pigeons that gather at the local park could be sanitized some how, I suppose, before using them in a decoration, any suggestions? I have worked tirelessly to convince staff that we needed to start early soaking magnolia leaves in a glycerin solution to preserve them for this years centerpiece.....Incidentally, The paper plates we serve the traditional Thanksgiving meal on-- are not so much as festive as the china pinned on the internet. It would be nice if a fraction of what is spent on items to look at and to create a mood if a portion was spent on food to donate to a homeless shelter what a wonderful world it could be.

    1. FYI, I was on the board of a local shelter for 9 years, raisingh money and serving dinner. For several months over one winter, I would bake muffins at night and take them to a place where the homeless gathered.

      Please don't presume to know how I spend my time and money. There is room for both of these things in my life and the lives of others. Your comment was unnecessary and mean-spirited.

    2. Perhaps this comment was not directed at anyone in particular. Perhaps it was a Colbert type observation that Thanksgiving is not necessarily the time to acquire new things but to turn inward and reflect on what one has and to be thankful. I did not take the comment as mean spirited. It reminded me that the only time the nutrition deficit of a segment of the population of a community is focused on is during the holidays. If the shoe does not fit then don't wear it. Charity begins at home, Many aspects of life bring happiness and some bring sorrow, Those experiences help you to learn to distinguish between good and evil and to make correct choices. Incidentally, Meg thank you for sharing your volunteerism at a local shelter. Personally, I don't know if I could do such as thing, however to donate clothes and furniture to Habitat for Humanity, participate in food drives is an activity pursued.. This writer cannot argue with the point homeless women appreciate beauty. Happy Thanksgiving everybody -- do what ever floats your boat. Anaon 10:33

  12. General thought: Tables with massive centerpieces make great photographs, but poor dinner conversation. Specific thought: I absolutely must find out where to get the wine glasses seen on the table in photo #5. They are fabulous! Thanksgiving thought: It's the company and the food that make the holiday special - my hubby and I usually celebrate on a day that's not the holiday, due to my work schedule, and we eat on our tiny secondhand kitchen table, with mismatched plates... and it's wonderful! Thought for the previous commenter: It's possible to (and many people do) give to charity and also enjoy the money one has worked hard to get. No need to get sanctimonious.

  13. I'd like to address Anonymous. For several years, I counseled in a shelter for the homeless. It was a situation to help women re-enter the world by teaching them job skills, counseling and help for addictions, setting up a bank account, gaining a wardrobe, etc. It's amazing how fast someone's life can spiral out of control when one thing goes wrong: all of the dominoes tumble. HOWEVER, in this shelter, the women could cook the donated food, and I would usually stay past my time to engage in kitchen work with them. I remember going out and on city streets finding colored leaves and pods and twigs I would put out on the table for decorative purposes and "yes," Anon., even homeless women appreciate beauty and making their environment better. If anything, they might appreciate it more, since they have so little. Your voiced intentions are good. Just don't surmise that it has to be "either" "or."

  14. Jeez, Anon 10:26, I'm curious why you "waste" your time on this website.

  15. "We enjoy introducing fresh objects and energy into our (spaces) homes, bring elements of nature indoors...Collect items that move your spirit, treasured items will resonate with you.." quoted from the The Scout Guide expert Jan Roden VA this was tip #76 on Thanksgiving This writer wastes time on the Scout Guide for cities site.

  16. We're planners:). Family tradition is as much the emails and discussions in advance as anything that happens day of;).


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