June 3, 2014


For the past month or so, I’ve been posting pictures to my Instagram account with the hashtag, ThisIsBaltimore. One of the underlying goals of Pigtown*Design is to show people that Baltimore is not just The Wire. Baltimore is full of beautiful old buildings, gorgeous vistas, historic statues and more.

I thought I’d take you on a little tour of some of the #thisisbaltimore images I’ve taken. I often take a half-hour at lunch and drive around and shoot pictures. It keeps my eye fresh and helps me hone my photography skills. 

Baltimore is a port city, and this image shows the working part of the harbour.middle branch

The Basilica is one of the first major religious buildings built in America. Its architect also designed the Capital buildings in DC.basilica

Baltimore’s second empire Baroque-style City Hallcity hall

Cylburn, one of Baltimore’s public arboretums cylburn

The Francis Scott Key fountain. He wrote the National Anthem 200 years ago.key statue

Fells Point – one of the historic neighbourhoods on the Harbour.fells point

City College High School – The Castle on the hill.city

The Guilford Reservoir pumping stationreservoir

The first Washington Monument (built before the one in DC) undergoing restoration.monument2

The Roland Water Tower, a landmark close to my house. roland tower

I hope that you will follow me on my Instagram account and see what other treasures I find in Baltimore!


  1. My father lived in Baltimore for more than 30 years, and I first visited the city when I was 12. Baltimore was the first East Coast city this Midwestern girl saw. And I loved it. I'd never been anywhere that had buildings that old, and I also thought the food was fabulous. I had my first taste of veal piccatta at Buddy Chip's, which was near the old Belvedere. I still love it, and had a great time visiting all these years. I just lured my dad to Texas, and my children were thrilled that their grandfather was going to be close by. But their one concern? We still get to visit Baltimore, right?

  2. Baltimore should hand you a set of the keys to the city Meg! It looks a beautiful city and I hope to visit the city in full one day and try the legendary crab cakes!

  3. Your city is beautiful. Thanks to you it is on my list of must visits. Am I the only living person who has not seen The Wire?

  4. I spent part of my childhood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but went to Baltimore often with my grandmother, who lived on the Western Shore. These photos bring back MANY memories!!

  5. Hi Meg, So beautiful. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. fabulous images of a great city. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  7. My husband is from Baltimore and we spent many, many days there. We went to a wedding at a crazy museum on Key Hwy and had a wonderful time. It cost us $18.00 to park to go to the wedding. The next day we wanted to go to the harbor but parking was even more expensive. We are both seniors and the cheaper areas were too far to walk for us so we never got to the Harbor. I love Baltimore, it is a beautiful city but they have to do something about the parking and the groups hanging around the Harbor.

  8. Love the interior decoration and architects design!

  9. I am a Baltimore child born and raised in SW Baltimore. My of neighborhood is destroyed so I am very happy to have found you thru one of my sister's posts from 2008. You make the beauty of my city come alive for me again. Thank you! By the way, although she doesn't post publicly anymore (which saddens me greatly) my sis is Harbor Hon.


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