June 2, 2014

Shopping at Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura is an Italian word, basically translated as studied nonchalance. Sprezzatura is also a lovely shop just north of Baltimore whose motto is “A Fine Gathering of Gifts.” And that is exactly what it is.

I was first introduced to Sprezzatura last month at the Ladew Garden Festival where I ran into Cindy, a long-time friend who’s working there. I loved the small sample of what they had on offer at Ladew, so I made a point to drive out to the Greenspring Valley to see the shop in person. Spezz (31)

The shop was filled with gift ideas for anyone and everyone on your list – including you! I loved this denim-coloured linen tunic, but it was on hold for another friend of ours. It would be just the thing to wear on those blisteringly hot summer days, and because I am so short, I could easily wear it as a dress. They also had a selection of gorgeous white linen pieces, but I am such a disaster that this wouldn’t be a good idea for me!Spezz (1)

The shop has a whole section to appeal to the grandmothers in the crowd – baby items from France! Cindy showed me the sweetest art, botany, archaeology and other kits for young children to get them exploring. Spezz (6)

And then there were the baby clothes! They had the most delicate embroidery on them and were made of such light cotton lawn that they practically floated. Spezz (14)

I wish I had a young child to give this cutie to!Spezz (12)

One of the things that Sprezzatura specializes in is gorgeous art glass. Spezz (38)

I had such fun taking pictures of all of the rich colours and the funky shapes.
Spezz (35) Spezz (33)

A few years ago, I was ranting about the prices that One King’s Lane was charging for old wooden tennis racquets, and I wondered what someone would do with them. Now I know!Spezz (26)Bottle opener and cork screw! Why didn’t I think of that?

Father’s Day is coming up, and if your father’s sporty, these cufflinks made from authenticated game-used hockey pucks and golf balls are just the thing.
Spezz (24) Spezz (22)

My friend Cindy who works at Sprezzatura is a multi-talented artist and makes these beautiful Nantucket-style Sailors Valentines from shells she finds on Nantucket and other beaches, and ephemera that she collects. Spezz (52)Spezz (48)

The theme was flowers at Sprezzatura and this great tole light would be such a statement piece in the right room – maybe a sun porch?Spezz (54)

I was really fascinated by these flower diffusers and thought the idea was so clever! They are a porous clay and they absorb and then diffuse the scent. Spezz (56)

But this was the piece I liked the most!Spezz (61)

I am a sucker for anything Chinoiserie and so this little pagoda lantern with bells on the corners really appealed to me! Of course, the book’s pretty appealing, too!

Sprezzatura is located just north of Baltimore in the Stevenson Village Center. Thanks to Cindy and the Berwagers for taking the time to show me around!


  1. Those little pagoda candle holders seem to be the rage now, and justifiably so. I've seen them in two museum gift shops within the past month and they come in fabulous colors -- pink, orange, and white as well as the green you showed, and come in two sizes.

    1. I think they are terrific and I'd love a pink one! Or a lot of pink ones!

  2. The flower diffusers are so much nicer than pokey sticks. Looks like a great shop!

  3. Love your special shop Meg and the art glass is stunning of course!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. And the glass is such fun to photograph!

  4. I agree with everything everyone has said + love everything. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. The french toys look charming, as do the Sailor's Valentines!


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