March 4, 2014


Over the weekend, as I was reading the Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty section, an article caught my eye. It was jokingly called “Antiques for the Twitterati” and it talked about a new antiques website that was taking on 1st Dibs. It’s called The Highboy.imageAs I read on, I gradually realized that one of the founders, Olga Granda-Scott, has been a blog friend for several years. That really perked up my interest, and I did some more looking at this new company. image

From the Wall Street Journal’s article:

The HighBoy brings together established dealers who offer a wide variety of curated goods, from an apple-shaped tea caddy ($675) to an exquisite 18th-century grandfather clock ($21,750), along with fine art. The site's look is clean and stylish, more like a fashion site than a museum homepage; its founders drew inspiration from the straight-from-the-runway fashion hub Moda Operandi and the art-sharing forum ArtStack. Photography is consistently attractive and detailed, a failing of some similar sites. imageAnd the layout is intuitive to maneuver, allowing searches by style, period, origin and the like. Prices—including shipping costs—are visible to anyone who sets up an account, which is free.

Olga comes from a family of antiques dealers, so she knows the business, with its ups and downs, and vagaries of the fickle antiques market with what’s in and what’s out changing at a whim. imageThe is very careful about vetting both the dealers and the goods which they offer, again quoting from the Journal,

Dealers sign an annual contract with the site, which offers photography services to make sure items are displayed at their best. Every item is vetted by a committee before it is posted.

imageI hope that you will take a few minutes to look at!


  1. I've just visited Highboy and they have some great pieces, thank you for the introduction.

  2. What a pleasure to browse this beautiful website. Kudos to the design team who crafted it.

  3. Thank you Meg, I wasn't aware of Highboy!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. have been to their website, great + goodluck highboy.

  5. I've been waiting for some one to take on 1stdibs---although I do love 1stdibs, it is pricey to be on. Great venues are always welcome.
    Thanks and xoxo Mary

  6. My other half is going to love this if he hasn't found it already.


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