March 30, 2014

I Love These Candles!

It is hard to believe, but it snowed today again. It started as sleet and then turned to a snowy rain. It’s getting a bit disheartening and I am tempted to think that spring will never arrive.

At Christmas, I was given a Feu de Bois Candle by Diptyque Paris that smelled like a crackling wood fire in an old library, a scent that evoked many childhood memories. It was perfect for the winter months, but now that it’s almost April, I am ready for some warmer weather and a garden of flowers!

I was at Halcyon House Antiques on Saturday, and they had the most glorious display of candles, behind which was a miserable afternoon with rain coming down sideways!

As I took a minute to test each of the different scents from the Seda France candles, I was transported to a warm sunny afternoon in a garden that was fully in bloom and not the chucking down rain!

The one I eventually selected, the Seda France Pagoda Candle - French Tulip is the most realistic scent that I’ve ever had. My house smells like a garden! I am not big on artificial scents, and have found that some of the French-made candles have the most natural scents. seda france candleThe packaging is great and the glass candle-holder has a toile print etched into it. I especially liked how Halcyon House Antiques paired these candles with their great pagoda papers and note-books.

I forgot to pick up some of the amazing post-it notes that also had the pagodas on them. Seriously, if I got these, there were be notes stuck on everything!

Do you have a favourite candle? Please share, as I am always looking for new ones!


  1. My favorite candle of all time is Diptyque Oranger. I am very sensitive to some candle scents, but the Oranger is fresh and natural. Diptyque candles maybe expensive, but their burn time is longer than most so they are actually economical!

  2. Aren't the Seda candles wonderful?! I started buying them from OKL a couple years ago initially because Iiked the toile boxes and when I smelled them I was hooked. You are right, the scents are fresh and natural. I always keep several on hand for last minute gifts so it's nice to know they are available locally and a good excuse to peruse Halcyon House!

  3. Homegoods has surprisingly good selections! My all time favorite though is Ralph Lauren ' Pied a terre ' that I use all winter and fall - it's a big strong for the summer and another I've found that I love is Abd El Kader from Cire Trudon which is mint, ginger, tea, and tobacco.

  4. I have always been partial to the Aveda shampure soy wax candle, but I have recently discovered the Jo Malone 'Orange Blossom' candle (available at Nordstrom) which is quickly becoming my favorite. You can't go wrong with either.

  5. I like Votivo Sea Blue Sky for summer. To me, it smells like beach sand,surf,sun - very clean and fresh with a salty kind of under scent. I'd like to try the Seda France and many others - I love candles, but they are so expensive now.

  6. I love the Lierre scent from Diptyque and the Aquiesse candles are great and make nice gifts as the packaging is equally appealing.


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