March 3, 2014

More Antiques from the Show

I attended the Maryland Antiques Show on Saturday and took a ton of pictures. Here are a few more!

I loved this arrangement of some beautiful inlaid boxes. They were placed on lucite stands inside a frame. Well done!

Beautiful Staffordshire dog, one of a set of four.

Stunning inlaid box. The workmanship on this was incredible.

Silver and tortoise-shell tea caddy.

I love copper!

Detail of a copper mould.

These are the strainers from big platters. They’re really gorgeous on their own.

Miniature meat platter

Miniature punch bowl

This gives you an idea of exactly how miniature these pieces are.

Not what you think of when you think Wedgwood!

The dream team! I’ll take the black one… or maybe the dark green croc one!radcliffe jewelers

Sorry about the pix only post… I stayed up to watch the Oscars! And to prep for the 8-10 inches of snow we’re getting on Monday. When will it ever end?


  1. I will take the inlaid marquetry detailed box - I wish I was a carpenter and proper artisan sometimes!

  2. You know I like Staffordshire dogs. And that yellow wall behind it!

    Good luck with the storm. Hope the forecast is wrong.

  3. Those miniatures are darling! And so unusual, Can you believe this weather??

  4. Not quite grasping why modern handbags are included in the show. Happy snow day.

  5. loved the first picture+ so creative + we had a rain in S. CA + Yeah!

  6. Strainers! In all my haunting around antique stores why have I not seen these before???? Now I'll be on the lookout!

  7. Love all of your pictures from the show and especially the bags! xx


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