February 7, 2014

Winter Olympics

I have to admit that I like the summer Olympics much more than the winter ones, but it’s still fun to watch the skating and skiing, and the other things they do in cold weather…

I was a little put off by the USA winter uniforms, even though they were designed by Ralph Lauren and made in the USA. image

I think the sweaters are too busy and the message gets lost in all of the clutter. And I’d like to see the Polo name be a bit smaller and not so front-and-center! We all know that RL Polo did the uniforms, so he should be a little less conspicuous. IMO!

I like the closing ceremony outfits more, but I don’t love them. Are they wearing sweatpants? image

All that being said, ours are miles better than some of the other winter uniforms.

Like these horrors from Germany:image

France looking a bit austere:image

Hudson’s Bay designed Canada’s uniforms:image

H&M designed Sweden’s:image

Uh, these are from the Netherlands. I wonder if the designer knew these people were going to a sports event.image

Russia’s uniforms, at least they’re dressed for cold weather, not work.image

Poland’s uniforms make me cold just to look at them:image

The Czech uniforms look like something landed on their heads:image

Latvia’s uniforms are just dire, and they still have the tags on them:image

Apparently, our snowboarders are going for the homeless chic look. Not good.image

Last, but not least, the Norwegian Curling Team:image

I think I am having a seizure!


  1. Frances Ayers, Bryn Mawr 04, works for RL and was designed the beret for our last olympics. I love the red/blue pea coat (agree about the logo though). The fashion world has finally caught on to the notion of gym-to-street active wear. So, with that goal in mind, I believe that's what the design team was going for. Remember RL got more than it's share of criticism for the "clubby cocktail" look from the last summer olympics. I actually like the pants and the sweater seems very 70s to me. Part of the "curling culture" is outlandish gear so I love the Norwegian uniforms.

  2. I didn't get to see the ceremony so I loved this review! I must say the French look like they are spectators rather than the athletes. But I can't wait to watch the curling matches - I love them for some reason!

  3. Replies
    1. I know. The opening ceremonies ought to be interesting!

  4. Who knew Norway had such a zany sense of humor?

  5. If you can't have fun doing sporting events, what's the point? Obviously all the teams are trying to give us something fun and different to look at. Good on them. I actually love the German outfits, and the curling suits ROCK. I hate Ralph Lauren anyway, and his team suits look exactly like I would have expected them to. Oh, well. Yawn.

    1. I think that the RL sweaters are too junked up.

  6. oh i LOVE Latvias! you don't?? I would wear that myself!

  7. I agree that the USA pants look too much like sweat....does RL not know the world thinks most Americans already think we skitch around in sweats anyway?

  8. Life can be funnier than a comedy show! Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Watching men's skating now and they have some frightening outfits. No man should wear illusion netting.

  9. all I can say is OMG. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  10. I like RL sheets but not these that look like someone went to a 1980's thrift store. I'm ok with the Germans. I'm sure they knew they were garish, unlike RL.


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