February 9, 2014

State of Flux

Someone posted some gorgeous china on their FB page and I knew I had to hunt it down and see what it was. image

From their website:

Flux was established in 2010 by Staffordshire University. Combining a proud tradition with cutting edge design, craftsmanship and quality manufacturing. A collection of talented designers have come together to position the flux brand at the forefront of the ceramics industry. With its distinctive, eclectic designs, flux exudes a quintessential Englishness which is synonymous with Staffordshire.


Many of the best potteries in England were in Staffordshire, specifically in Stoke-on-Trent, and these days, little of the original industry remains. So it’s great to see a college trying to revive this craft. image

Many of the pieces have gold or platinum details, and there are mugs, cups and saucers, cereal bowls, dinner plates, and much more in each design.image

Unfortunately, their website is a bit difficult to navigate, and they’re out of much of their stock, but they’ve done a good job on their designs.image

I like seeing the revival of dying arts, and the Flux range is a good example of this. image

Take a look at their website, and see what you think.image

Let me know!


  1. It is heartening to read of a new company based in Stoke-On-Trent making ceramics for the 21 century and carrying on the tradition of the area. I had the pleasure of visiting The Potteries, many years ago, and recall the breathtaking collection at the Wedgwood Museum.

  2. Stunning stuff, slowly I think people are trying to move back in the neglected sites and cost of living there is cheap so good base for a new business...

  3. It is thrilling to see the revival of some trades. I'm so happy that the University took this step, even though I'm attracted to more traditional design. This is based on anecdotal experience, but the UK seems to be a bit better at this revival than the US. Thanks for sharing this discovery.

  4. Gorgeous. My favorite is the cup and saucer. I'm going over to their website right now. Thanks.
    xoxo Mary

  5. so glad to see some of the industry coming back + Stunning examples. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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