March 14, 2011

This or That?

As I mentioned the other day, I love my Barbour Stockman’s coat, and it’s not the only one I have. I managed to accumulate a few of them when I lived in the UK, where they are pretty much standard issue. Given the weather, it’s quite understandable.barbour stockman's coatI got an e-mail from Liberty and they were touting their slightly more feminine versions of the traditional Barbour jackets. Instead of the usual assortment of plaids as the interior fabric, the Liberty versions have some of their traditional prints. 

barbour1 barbour2

Here’s what I’d do with my old Stockman’s coat… add a contemporary Liberty paisley as the lining. barbour stockman's coat copyIf it’s going to rain, you may as well have fun with your rain gear!!


  1. We were looking at Barbour jackets at Christmas and I noticed the new Liberty linings. They are such a feminine, whimsical touch to those workaday colours and sturdy waxed fabric. I adore the paisley that you've picked out!

  2. Meg the paisley is perfectto line one of your Barbours!!

    It is fun and fresh for spring.

    Art by Karena


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