March 3, 2011

Lectures @ Evergreen

One of the events I look forward to each spring is The House Beautiful, an annual lecture series at Baltimore’s Evergreen House. The topics are always so interesting and touch on subjects relevant to Evergreen and its era.

This year’s lectures are going to be FABULOUS!  First up, on March 30, is the amazing Emily Evans Eerdmans, who will speak on "The Style Malmaison". This will be a discussion of twentieth-century tastemaker Madeleine Castaing (1894–1992), one of the most influential players in the mid-century melding of eighteenth-century Bourbon elegance with modern living for a truly modern audience.

imageA view of Madeleine Castaing’s salon de la rotonde at her country house Lèves. Photo by Roland Beaufre

On April 13, Thomas Jayne, will present the lecture "Collectors and The Finest Rooms", a visual tutorial of rooms by collectors, whether they be of furniture, art or unusual objects, and the particular trials and triumphs involved with decorating around them.

imageSitting Room, Albert Hadley Apartment, New York City. Photo by Kerri McCaffety

Rounding out the group on May 18 will be Daniëlle Kisluk-Grosheide, discussing "The Wrightsman Galleries for French Decorative Arts", an introduction to the ever-evolving concept of interpreting décor through an exciting narrative of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s heralded reinstallation of the famous Wrightsman Galleries for French Decorative Arts.

imageAn interior from the Hôtel Lauzun in Paris, c. 1770. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. CharlesWrightsman Gift, 1963

Evergreen’s fourth annual The House Beautiful lecture series explores décor from the perspectives of the iconic tastemaker, the contemporary design world, and the museum. The illustrated talks will take place in Evergreen’s Bakst Theatre, followed by a lightly catered reception. The program is made possible by the Evergreen House Foundation.

Click here to purchase tickets or here to download Lecture Series Brochure


  1. Meg what a lineup!! I truly wish I could attend this historic presentation!

    Art by Karena

  2. Meg, it sounds like a truly wonderful series! I have never seen the theatre but I imagine that alone is worth a visit!

  3. Amazing line up - KDM

  4. Great lineup indeed. I really hope you’ll make the most of it. Can’t wait for future posts to tell us about the lectures.

  5. plse come to my lecture series "church and Casino interior decorating". Topic include "fun w/ mirror Tile", "Misuse of corinthian column" and very special hands on class "Hang that Chandelier on up there it be fine".

    plse send donation Thnx

  6. Whooo, for a second there I thought you said "Thomas Jane" - as in, the hot actor... I was ready to sign up! Then I re-read the spelling.



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