March 1, 2011

Silver Spoons

I found a cache of old silverware this afternoon, unlike any other I’ve seen… and I’ve seen a lot of silverware, because I LOVE it, and collect unusual pieces. While my current favourite is the French Ivory handled cutlery, I do like the look and heft of old silver.

Here are a few of the pieces I found today.

A few weeks ago, I talked about monograms, and which way they should face when placed on the table. The question was mainly regarding an M monogram or a W monogram. There should be no question about this sweet little spoon!3-1 007 The rest of the pattern on the spoon reminds me of a suzani pattern. All swirls and swishes. 3-1 012 I don’t really think that there would be any question about the engraving on this piece either! 3-1 019 The American Export Lines owned dozens of steamships in the early 1900’s. It amazed me to find this knife.

Once again, we are back to the question of M or W! I love the vaguely Asiatic look of this monogram.3-1 018 But I am pretty sure the monogram on these pieces is a W. This pattern is so unusual in the shape of the handle. It’s not anything I’ve seen before. The pattern is Holmes & Edwards’ Hostess. 3-1 015 The company basically merged with several others in Massachusetts in the early 1900’s and ceased to exist. The mark on the reverse of these pieces is XIV, so maybe that’s 1914?

To me, there’s nothing more fun than digging through a box of old silverware and finding the most interesting pieces.


  1. Avenue Antiques had the most precious baby spoon/fork set with Pamela engraved a few weeks ago.

  2. Love the engraving on those pieces...
    detailed and lovely:)

  3. Just what I love to do! The heavier the better!

  4. Oh! My mother's and my name are "Flossie" so I'm wondering if that piece with our name on it will find its way to your Etsy shop? I must have that spoon!!!!!

  5. Flo... most likely it will end up there! Just keep an eye out.

  6. "Flo... most likely it will end up there! Just keep an eye out."

    Thank you SO!

    NOTE: if you happen to retain previous transaction docs, I'm already a purchaser on Pigtown Etsy, we bring out your wonderful Kirk pewter wine coaster every evening at cocktail time, so you have my paypal info if that will help put a "hold" on the precious spoon [in case zillions of Flossies emerge in line ahead of me!]. My family is from very early Baltimore, and you were SO right when you wrote on your sales receipt "we Baltimore folks love our Kirk"! I have Repousse everything down to tiny salt/pepper spoons, butter plates even, 24 of everything, an embarassment of inherited Kirk riches.

  7. Hope she gets her "Flossie" spoon....I know she will adore it!
    I am just CRAZY for that Asian monogram. My maiden name begins with a W so will be hoping I can snag this one!

  8. beautiful, beautiful detailing...just delightful :))

  9. "Hope she gets her 'Flossie' spoon....I know she will adore it!"

    Thanks for pulling for me, Vickie. I just put my order through for the spoon on Meg's Etsy shop. Hurrah!

    And Meg, here's a synchronicity whammie for you. On your Etsy listing for the Flossie spoon you said there's a marking on the back saying "Rogers and Son" I believe it was. You won't believe what my mother's maiden name was -- she and her mother and I are all named 'Florence/Flossie Rogers,' isn't that just too much?

  10. Its funny how the modern virtual world can bring about some amazing stories. This one is certainly one of them.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting


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