March 7, 2011

I’ll Take This… The House of the Furry Dance!

This is Georgian graciousness in historic Helston town centre. Helston1For £485,000 you get ornate arched windows and fireplaces, cornicing and alcoves, which glorify large wood-floored rooms. Helston2 There are four bedrooms, with room for a fifth in the vast attic. Helston3 It’s just a shame, or not, depending on your preference, that folk dancers cavort through the house once a year as part of the ancient Furry Dance. Helston4 The origins of the dance are certainly pre-Christian and are connected with ancient spring festivals all over Europe. The youngest children start in the morning, and they wear the flower symbolic of their primary school. Helston7 Mid-day, invited guests dance in top hats, tails and gowns. Helston6At the end of the day, there’s the dance for everyone… all wearing a lily of the valley to symbolize the arrival of spring in Cornwall, just as they’ve done for hundreds of years.helston5 I think I’d take the house anyway. After all, it’s only once a year.


  1. I am most impressed with the townspeople of Cornwall. Such a charming and civilized endeavor of tradition. I watched several other videos on you tube, that tune is such a peach. The photo you chose of the youngsters with the red tie and the young ladies with the red poppies is it, perfection.

  2. I'll take it as well!...and they can dance through once a month if they'd like! k

  3. Great pictures, I am really impressed as well.

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  4. I think I'd settle for a hayloft in Cornwall, just to live where the pagan customs still hold sway...


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