March 9, 2011


Yep, it’s that time again. I am de-accessioning. I love that word… dee-ak-sesh-uhn - to sell from a collection, especially with a view to acquiring funds for the purchase of other works. Hmmm. Sounds exactly like what I am doing.780bookshelfEven though I’ve only lived in my house for a few short years, it’s filled with things I’ve collected, but no longer want or need. 3-9 027So, over the next four or five weeks, I am going to be adding a lot of things to my Etsy shop. There will be great bargains on books, china, silver, french ivory cutlery, fabrics, pillows and a lot more! Let me know if there’s anything you’ve seen in my posts that you’re interested in.Connor-for-Sun copy Let’s make a deal!


  1. We are in the same boat! Which makes me think to open an Etsy shop myself!
    But then again, I am a vintage freak with a bloodhound sense .....
    I am going to see!!!

    PS: Visit please, I posted on a dear painting!

  2. OH NO! Why do I think you will be heading to the post office and shipping things to NYC in short order! Already eyeing that champagne bucket. Thinking it would make sipping wine at The Farm this summer - a little more stylish!

  3. I am also de-accessioning and I gotta move this stuff fast! Pick up some real steals on my Etsy shop, "Daffy Gaddafi's Crazy Moving Sale". I'm selling my entire Ottoman Collection and I don't mean those things you put your feet on! Check it out... I've got crazy deals on 16th Century Persian rugs, awesome Hadithic texts in gold calligraphy (you won't believe the detail on these babies), Byzantine tile mosaic and more! And just for you I'll throw in a free barrel of oil with every purchase! So check out Daffy Gaddafi's Crazy Moving Sale on Etsy. They don't just call me crazy because I talk to myself!

  4. Gaddafi, you're only crazy if you answer yourself.

  5. first-
    Gaddafi? Chavez? Love it. But dont need their junk, literally.
    You are smart all my "extras" are going to the curb for pick up day! Me=lazy.
    third- Love that you were able to have his paw come thru!


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