February 1, 2011

Turgot Plan de Paris on OKL – OMG!

Are you a member of One King’s Lane? It’s one of my favourite places to shop for unique items. Tuesdays are the Tastemaker Tag Sales at Twilight, and they always have fabulous things on offer.

I did have to gasp out loud when I saw the original price of this Turgot Plan de Paris!OKL Plan de Paris OMG Even the reduced price is rather eye-popping, especially since it’s only 48” x 2” x 50 inches, framed. If you’d like a slightly less expensive copy of the map, that you can print out all by yourself in easily framed pieces, just click here.

For less than a third of the price, you can buy the map in three scrolls, here.10-4 041 Or you can get the massive version in 25 sheets here. This one is only $60 and the shipping is free! You can read about my adventures hanging the map here.


  1. I love mine. I have the individual sheets framed. All are in thin dark brown frames and hung very tightly together. But I only had room for 15 - but it still looks great.

  2. Wow that is quite a mark up! Good luck to her.

  3. Do you get a bonus if I signup for them with your referral? I plan on signing up but wanted to check first with you.

  4. So appreciate your hot tip on this eons ago..glad you are continuing to spread the word! I've seen several of these pricey versions out these. Amusing. Thank you again. Trish

  5. Given the size of our apartment, the smaller version might be more appropriate. As for the price, however. . . alas.


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