February 25, 2011

American Craft Council Review

I am always so impressed with the sheer number of vendors who present at the ACC Show each year. To be in the presence of so many talented people makes me really appreciate what they all do.

As we strolled through the show this afternoon, I was so taken with all that I was seeing, that I was distracted from taking lots of pictures.  But here’s a sample of some things that we saw.

While this teapot looks like a shaggy dog,ACC2011 001 when you get close up, you can see what it actually is.  Dollar bills!ACC2011 002 I was fascinated with this necklace.ACC2011 004 In addition to my friend Liz at The Felted Garden, there were a number of other felters there. This gal had added silk to her wool to make this gorgeous scarf.ACC2011 005 Local crafter, Caitlin Phillips and her Rebound Designs, makes handbags out of old books. They’re so clever!

ACC2011 007 ACC2011 009

ACC2011 010
ACC2011 008

I remember this clay-master from last year and just love the colours and shapes of his works.

ACC2011 012 ACC2011 013

One of the most fun things about attending the ACC show is seeing everyone wear the pieces that they have purchased in years past. This gal had on the most striking cape.ACC2011 014 I was quite taken with this artisan who casts everything from items found in nature. 

ACC2011 020 ACC2011 022
ACC2011 023 ACC2011 025

This wall was pretty incredible! These reminded me of Madonna’s cone bra.ACC2011 028I was at a friend’s house for lunch the other day and she had the most amazing collection of old buttons. I thought these pieces were very clever.

ACC2011 036 ACC2011 037
The colours in these glass jars really caught my eye.ACC2011 032 The American Crafts Council show in Baltimore runs through Sunday.


  1. Oh how I wish Baltimore was closer.....amazing show

  2. I am crazy for the book purses. Inspires me to make one myself :)

  3. I bought two pieces by Susan Ullman that I am just mad for. I'd love to buy a work by Chris Roberts-Antieau, but the money does add up . . . . Then again, I can always buy one someday at Paradiso in Hampden, which has always sold her pieces. The Polish guy with the steel mesh purses -- amazing. And the woodworking guy whose shapes are so supple and fluid you swear they're leather?! And the glass. And the ceramic. And the jewelry!!!

    I am so in awe of these people.

  4. love that cape too. i have an acorn with a gold top on a velvet ribbon - just realized it is by michel michaud - saw her at a show almost 10 years ago and haven't see her work since. thanks for the walk through.

  5. Every year I look forward to this show. Can't wait to check it out this afternoon and pick up a pretty new thing or two.

    Thanks for sharing these pics!


  6. Thanks, Meg,
    Your photps and descriptions are both gorgeous!
    My favorite is the cape you captured on the other attendee. Wow!

  7. I have two friends who do this show and love meeting all of the artist.

  8. Great review Meg: oh what a wonderful place to spend some $$....really unique things. Do you ever go to the Lincoln Center fair? It's in September. I haven't been for a few years, but always find great artisans there too.

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