February 17, 2011

Bits and Bobs

I always loved this expression when I lived in Wales and people would talk about little bits and bobs… It’s sort of like odds and ends here in the States.

Thanks to everyone for their great stories about having their dogs sleeping with them. I am so glad I am not alone in this!  Connor is also grateful that he’s got such good company keeping parents cuddled up!meg_and_connorxToday was the first day that we got a glimpse of spring here in the mid-Atlantic region! It was just a stunner of a day, and I am so glad I was out and about to enjoy it. The warmth of the sun, and the full moon tonight mean that spring’s just around the corner. This time last year, we were still digging out from the massive snowstorms that had dumped 50+ inches of snow on Baltimore!

I am guessing that in a few weeks, the peonies will start arriving in the stores and that will be a happy time for me! I try to pick up fresh flowers once a week a the local market, and sometimes the pickins are slim and none and slim’s outta town!peonies 017 On Saturday evening, I am going to a party with Chef Nick Malgieri, author of the cookbook “BAKE! Essential Techniques for Perfect Baking”.  He’s an internationally-known pastry chef, and a number of the food bloggers in the area will be cooking along with him. I, however, will be drinking and eating, not cooking!  I will be reporting back to you on this event!


  1. Have the best time. Can't wait to read all about it.

  2. I'm totally envious. Have fun and post lots of pics if you can.

  3. I love phrases. For the record, my KS family uses the phrase bits and bobs. It is the English/Irish side so I guess we brought the phrase over with them. However, we are, also, a long line of sewers so that would make sense as well.

  4. Coonor looks great and I love the purple gloves. Have a great week-end. Mary

  5. Y'all look so good: ready to brave the elements.
    Peonies are my FAVE flower....they are about $12 a stem here in Dallas when you can get them...and one or two are never enough for me...so that is a splurge I seldom indulge. But a girl can dream!
    Enjoy your party! Sounds divine!!!

  6. Our family would interchange bits and bobs and odds and sods...again English/Irish and a little Espeyism.

  7. yep... it's official- I'm definitely ready for Spring now!
    Power went out yesterday morning, and was out all day (arrrr). It came back last night for several hours then out again (arrrr again); the computer of course went off line, but much to my delight I could access my I-tunes and listened to the Skirted Roundtable until the battery died. Soooo... I finally got to listen to your interview Meg! So, thank you for keeping me company/entertaining me while the power was out!! It was a great interview and I really enjoyed "hearing" you! So exciting about Nate and your new magazine!

    Hope your party was a great time!

    all the best,

  8. As a Britisher, "bits and bobs" is a phrase I can't go a week without hearing or using in some form. I look forward to the foodie report

    I mentioned you on the column yesterday - I hope it suitably flatters

    All best,



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