February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Well, thank god that the fat little groundhog didn’t see it’s shadow today, because I could sure use an early spring this year. It’s only the 18th time he hasn’t seen his shadow, but with all of the TV lights around him, who can really tell?groundhog grey

We’re gearing up for the Annual Groundhog Day Party to benefit the Baltimore Architecture Foundation on Saturday. There are still some tickets available here.  There are some great items up for auction, which you can see here.

I found a cache of vintage costume jewelry today in my travels, and bought a couple of pieces so I could have something to choose from to wear to the party. I don’t own very much jewelry anymore since a robbery at my house just after I moved in, so I am replenishing slowly and not spending tons of money, because I am still freaked out.

Here are two of the pairs of earrings I bought.

2-2 030

2-2 034

I am wearing a black wrap dress with a ruffled collar. Which do you think I should choose?


  1. Without seeing them in person, I would say the smaller ones, so as not to compete with the collar.

  2. We love our Punxsutawney Phil here in PA! Love both pairs - depends on how they hit your ruffled collar.

  3. wow! Lovely jewelery collections! Love the earrings.

  4. depends upon how high the ruffled collar is - smaller if collar is high - better to see the dazzle - fun finds

    i wonder how many times the ground hog's prediction comes true - i hope spring is early this year - snow fatigue big time

  5. How high is the collar? You don't want the dangles getting caught and pulling threads.

  6. I'm going with the dangly ones, even if they hit the collar. Maybe especially if they hit the collar. Bigger is always better.

    Plus the smaller ones are the type you could wear out to dinner or to a cocktail party. How often do you have the opportunity to wear really fab earrings?

  7. I love the earings on the right! So chic and so vintage! Will look perfect with a collar dress!
    Happy Thursday and good luck with the benefit!

  8. Love your site. Please wear the long, beautiful ones, it's a special night after all.

    Helen - Toronto

  9. The pair on the right - have fun - you will look lovely!

  10. Love both pairs..I agree the longer ones for this special occasion .

  11. The ones on the left. Unless your ears are double pierced, then wear both. 8-)

    You could use one of the ones on the right as a brooch, or a hat pin!


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